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The Department of Curriculum and Instruction currently offers graduate courses for preparation to obtain a certification as an Oklahoma Elementary Math Specialist. Prospective students must have a valid Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education teaching certificate and at least two years of teaching experience in a PK-5 classroom (will need a letter from the principal). Completion of the 18 hours (six courses) will enable the student to apply for official certification as an Oklahoma Elementary Math Specialist.

Courses You'll Take

 Courses are 60-70% pedagogy and 30-40% content. There are five content classes and the 6th class is a coaching class. Subject areas include:

  • Algebra & Mathematical Tasks, Geometry Spatial & Learning Trajectory, Number Concepts & Assessment, Teaching Measurement & Data, Rational Number Proportional Reasoning & Classroom Interaction, and Math Leadership & Coaching.

This is a great way to revisit the content and strengthen your own understanding as well as to develop the 8 effective mathematics teaching practices.

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Master's Degree

Teachers can also obtain a master’s degree while pursuing a math specialist certification. Twelve of the 18 hours will count in the master’s program as electives, which leaves only two more classes to complete, making it possible to graduate with both a master’s and math specialist certification. For more information on education graduate programs, visit the Jackson College of Graduate Studies.


Career Opportunities

  • Public or Private School Math Curriculum Specialist
  • Elementary Math Specialist
  • Public or Private School Math Teacher


Several schools and districts have hosted UCO students for student teaching. These schools and/or districts receive vouchers for classes. The vouchers may be used for math specialist certification classes. Vouchers cover tuition only. Review the tuition calculator.