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Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Prepare to better understand an organization’s customer base by earning an online Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in marketing from the University of Central Oklahoma’s Connected Campus

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No matter the industry, the knowledge gained through this degree program equips you to influence the launch of new products and services, uncover and target new markets, observe consumer habits through research, improve visibility among your audience, communicate convincing messages and increase profits.

However far along you are in your career, UCO’s online bachelor’s degree in marketing immerses you in a dynamic, engaging environment emphasizing professional skills and intellectual knowledge. Doing this, a multifaceted curriculum connects long-held and current marketing concepts with business disciplines to help you pursue an entry-level or advanced role in communications, brand management, research, promotions or sales.

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Why Study Marketing?Curriculum | Careers | Impact the Business World

Why Study Marketing at UCO?

 Whether traditional or digital, through research or supply chain management, the core of marketing involves forming a connection with your consumer.

This bond then becomes the foundation for conceptualizing new products, devising more influential campaign messaging and developing a relationship that benefits the consumer while increasing profits for your organization. 

Studying marketing at UCO:

  • Transforms you into a lifelong learner who’s prepared to adjust to the fast pace of business and marketing developments;
  • Supplies you with key competencies to reach for a business or marketing career in Oklahoma or at the national or global level;
  • Presents theories through hands-on learning, helping you apply concepts on the job;
  • Guides you to a number of career paths, including in advertising, sales, publishing, promotion, merchandising, supply chain management or transportation; and,
  • Pairs marketing and traditional business disciplines to introduce strategic planning, market research, new product and market development, branding and forecasting techniques.


All students enrolling in the online B.B.A. in marketing program complete 124 total credit hours, which include the university core and 69 credit hours toward your major.

Of these, 39 credit hours of business core courses provide a comprehensive perspective of how organizations—from large corporations to nonprofits—operate. You’ll gain a more nuanced mindset through subjects covering accounting, micro and macroeconomics, business statistics, management theories, legal and ethical considerations, management information systems, business communications, business analytics and finance. 

Building from this knowledge base, 27 credit hours of marketing coursework give you greater insight into how consumers think and the strategies for utilizing this information. You’ll explore:

  • The behavioral and social science models and theories behind consumer behavior;
  • Using the scientific method to solve marketing problems and collect and analyze data to support your strategy; and,
  • Consumer psychology for advertising, selling and communications.

Electives let you customize your major to your interests and aspirations. Courses provide an advanced look at consumer and market behavior, digital marketing, market research, and ethics and management.

You’ll then apply these concepts to a problem facing businesses today with a capstone project. Utilizing your combined marketing and business knowledge, you’ll plan, implement and monitor a program, taking into account an organization’s objectives.

View the full curriculum and course list for the online B.B.A. in marketing.


Across multiple industries and organizational models, marketing professionals create connections with customers and clients, building visibility, taking note of patterns, and conducting research to craft more effective campaigns, influence product or service development, and drive new business. As well, your efforts help shape the organization’s branding and communication strategy to influence growth and public or industry perception.

No matter the products or services offered or an organization’s mission or objectives, marketing can’t be ignored or glossed over. Reflecting overall demand for professionals with these skills, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows businesses will need 18% more market analysts and 6% more advertising, promotions and marketing managers between 2019 and 2029.

Potential career paths include:

  • Sales;
  • Promotion;
  • Brand management;
  • Market research; and,
  • Entertainment marketing.

Impact the Business World With an Online B.B.A. in Marketing from UCO

Gain the skills to improve visibility, customer relationships and profits with an online B.B.A. in marketing from UCO’s Connected Campus, and get started on a rewarding career combining strategy, research and creativity. To learn more about the program or if you have any additional questions, request information today.