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Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Prepare for a career leading others and directing an organization’s course with an online Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in management from the University of Central Oklahoma. This flexible program gives you a solid foundation in all areas of business, strengthens your interpersonal skills and lets you customize your degree toward your desired career path through a choice of electives and tracks.

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Offered through UCO’s Connected Campus, the fully online bachelor’s degree in management builds off of the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in the workforce or helps you change career paths. A mix of traditional business and leadership-oriented coursework prepares you to succeed as a general manager across industries, departments, and organizations—and even as an entrepreneur. 

No two students enter a degree program with identical goals. Wherever you see yourself, the online bachelor’s degree in management at Central forms a bridge to get you there through a self-paced, transformative learning experience stressing hands-on learning. Attend full or part time, based on existing obligations. 

Our faculty members—experts in their respective fields—take a unique student-centric approach to coursework, designed to enrich your knowledge, engage your curiosity and highlight practical applications of long-held management and business theories. 

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Why Study Management? | Curriculum | Careers | Discover Your Leadership Potential

Why Study Management?

All teams need leaders. In today’s workforce, managers not only occupy this role, but they influence key organizational decisions. You’re expected to be fluid, providing guidance and direction to your team while assisting the company at large with achieving its primary objectives.

Management professionals flourish through a specific set of skills. They understand beyond the surface level all areas driving an organization forward—accounting and finance, marketing, communications, strategy, ethics, legality and human resources—and how these components come together. Management and leadership theories and interpersonal communication skills intertwine with this foundation to shape a company’s mission, coordinate operations and encourage everyone to work toward a particular goal. 

If you see yourself as a leader and seek to advance from your current position, the online bachelor’s degree in management propels you ahead:

  • Gain the skills to effectively lead and manage others;
  • Learn about the challenges all businesses face and the legal, ethical, personnel and strategic aspects needed to successfully address them;
  • Improve your interpersonal skills to connect with and lead others at the department and organizational levels;
  • Understand how management influences policies and operations; and,
  • Explore the human resources aspects of management to develop and cultivate a cohesive team. 


Once enrolled in the online bachelor's in management degree program, you’ll complete 124 total credits of coursework. This amount includes the University Core requirements, designed to strengthen your writing, language and analytical skills and grow your scientific knowledge, and business core courses.

The business core courses take a forward-looking and holistic perspective—one factoring in what an organizational leader or entrepreneur needs to know to craft a solid, informed strategy. Subjects cover accounting essentials, micro and macroeconomics, finance, marketing techniques, general management theories, ethics, business communications, management information systems and business analytics. 

You’ll then proceed onto more management-centric coursework delving into human resources principles, organizational behavior theory and the art of leadership:

  • Discover the scientific basis for increasing performance, motivating and leading others and effectively working in teams;
  • Learn about management theory, from history through applications, via case studies and service-learning projects;
  • Understand how managers select, test, train and guide personnel; and,
  • Explore current topics in organizational leadership, from strategic planning in a rapidly changing marketplace to diversity, legal issues and financial factors. 

For electives, three tracks let you specialize your knowledge:

  • Entrepreneurship: Understand what it takes to get a new business venture off the ground, from leadership and drive to the skills needed to oversee all areas of a growing endeavor.
  • Human Resource Management: Employees bring a leader’s vision to fruition and deliver results. Realize what’s needed to recruit, train, motivate and mentor staff members through all organizational levels.
  • Strategy: Learn more about how businesses develop strategies toward progress while taking legal and ethical factors into consideration. 

As you progress through the program, you’ll apply everything you’ve learned so far in a capstone project, designed to showcase your cumulative knowledge and strategic mindset. Here, you’ll be presented with a business problem and be expected to identify and communicate a solution. 

Review the online bachelor’s degree in management program’s complete structure and curriculum.

Careers in Management

According to figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, management occupations are expected to see five-percent growth between 2019 and 2029. Positions encompass roles in corporate, nonprofit and government organizations, where you’ll have the chance to influence strategy, lead others, manage workers and financial resources, and contribute toward its vision and advancement.

Potential career paths include:

  • General or district manager;
  • Project manager;
  • Director of operations;
  • Account executive;
  • Development director;
  • Business analyst; or,
  • Entrepreneur.

Discover Your Leadership Potential with UCO’s Online B.B.A. in Management

Fulfill your ambitions and advance your career by earning an online bachelor’s degree in management from UCO. Request information today to learn more about this program and UCO’s Connected Campus.