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Online Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business

Embrace the possibilities and prepare for a number of rewarding career paths by earning an online Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in general business from the University of Central Oklahoma’s Connected Campusphoto of group of business people analyzing data

A holistic perspective covering management, communication and technical competencies strengthens your problem-solving and critical thinking abilities in this online program. Concepts as a whole highlight key operational areas and functions of the private sector, nonprofit and government organizations. Whether you see yourself succeeding on a team or finding your niche as an entrepreneur, the online B.B.A.’s broad-based curriculum lets you tailor your degree to your interests and personal objectives.

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Why Earn a General Business Degree?

You see yourself making an impact in an organization but don’t find yourself drawn to one particular role or function. A general business degree suits those who want exposure to all areas of how organizations operate. You could be someone who is passionate about business and interested in exploring the full spectrum of disciplines. Or, maybe you already have a number of business credits and want a clear path toward completing your degree.

Overseen by the UCO College of Business, the online B.B.A. prepares you to enter and excel in a range of business-related environments. On top of gaining a better understanding of marketing, management, economics and other concepts, you’ll:

  • Become a better negotiator, problem solver and communicator and be able to meaningfully contribute to workplace discussions;
  • Learn to effectively delegate, organize and plan projects and ideas from start to finish; and,
  • Understand what makes a strong leader and how to collaborate in a team setting. 

This online bachelor’s degree in business reflects the College of Business’ mission: we offer in-demand programs that meet employers’ needs in the Oklahoma City metropolitan region and beyond. We strive to not only train you across all business areas but to deliver transformative learning experiences supported by faculty invested in your success. Along with technical competencies and an entrepreneurial mindset, our students graduate ready to become engaged, ethical leaders who help organizations of all sizes achieve their objectives.

Online B.B.A. Curriculum

Students enrolling in the online B.B.A. program in general business complete 124 total credit hours. This amount includes the university core, designed to grow your overall knowledge and connect business to other disciplines. This sequence further involves six credit hours of required mathematics and analysis courses. 

For your major, you’ll complete 39 credit hours of core courses, 24 credit hours of electives and a three-credit-hour capstone project. The degree’s comprehensive structure introduces you to the following disciplines:

  • Accounting and Finance: Courses instruct you in analyzing, processing, using and interpreting financial data, in addition to financial management techniques and issues organizations currently face. 
  • Economics: Understand how the global marketplace functions. Microeconomics explores resource allocation, market trends and their impact on businesses and consumers. Macroeconomics illustrates the nature of production and consumption within economies.
  • Marketing: Learn about how companies bring in business through visibility, launching products and services and observing market conditions to adjust prices, demand and costs. 
  • Management: Leadership goes beyond giving directions and big-picture decisions. Courses cover the theoretical and relationship sides of management and leadership and supply you with the hard skills for making stronger decisions and tracking progress.

Review all courses and the complete structure for the online B.B.A. in general business


The business world continues to grow, through innovations, product advances and new services in response to customer habits and market trends. Reflecting this progression, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified 8% more business and financial positions between 2019 and 2029

Roles span general to specialized skill sets. Potential job titles include:

  • Store manager;
  • Customer service coordinator;
  • Sales or marketing associate;
  • Entrepreneur;
  • Recruiter; or,
  • Job analyst.

Community Opportunities

UCO’s Connected Campus helps working adults and those interested in completing their bachelor’s degree expand their skills to access a whole new level of opportunity. Yet, success involves both what you know and who you know. Start to build your connections and use your knowledge with the following opportunities:

Make Your Mark with an Online B.B.A. in General Business from UCO’s Connected Campus

UCO’s online B.B.A. in general business lets you chart your own path with a credential valuable in today’s marketplace. If you have any questions about the program, request additional information today.