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The mission of the PGA Golf Management University Program is to recruit diverse and talented students and develop them into committed professionals by providing a comprehensive and progressive educational program designed to prepare future PGA Members for a life-long career in golf. Students will gain valuable work experience and enhanced playing and teaching skills while fostering a sense of community through enjoyment and involvement in the game of golf.

If golf is your passion

make it your major

The Bachelor of Business Administration in PGA Golf Management major at UCO’s College of Business is one of only 18 programs accredited by the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of America.


A career in golf management requires a unique combination of knowledge and skill, including areas such as finance, management, marketing, food and beverage management, merchandising, plant science and golf aptitude. 

This program is a 4.5-year plan and consists of two major components:

  1. A Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree in Management with a concentration in PGA Golf Management
  2. The PGA of America’s Professional Golf Management Program (PGM)

Degree Sheet
The PGA Golf Management Program is a three-level golf specific educational program focusing on the People, the Game and the Business of golf. Each level of the program contains classroom studies, seminars and work experience activities, concluding with knowledge and/or skill simulation testing.

 Admission Requirements

Admissions to the PGA Golf Management Program are accepted for the fall semester only. Application and acceptance to the PGA Golf Management Program at UCO must be completed before the last day to enroll in the fall semester of freshman year.

Cohort Requirement

The PGA of America requires each entering PGA Golf Management class to be considered a separate cohort. Each student will be expected to progress through the program and meet all PGA PGM milestones with their cohort. Only under exceptional circumstances will a student be allowed to deviate from this schedule and only with the director’s approval.

PGA Golf Management Cohort Sequence

Requirements for Graduation

  • Complete all College of Business requirements for a B.B.A. in Management – PGA Golf Management
  • 25 GPA in all College of Business course work and an overall GPA of 2.25
  • Progress through the program as a cohort group
  • Complete all three levels of the PGA/PGM Program
  • Complete 16 months of full-time internships at three different types of golf facilities
  • Pass the PGA of America’s Playing Ability Test (PAT) before graduation
  • Must be U.S. citizen or resident alien to be eligible for PGA membership
  • Students must fulfill all PGA membership requirements within eight years of their program start date

PGA Playing Ability Test (PAT)

Passing the PAT is a requirement for graduation from UCO’s PGA Golf Management Program. A student should attempt the PAT before applying for admission to the UCO PGA Golf Management Program to assess playing ability.

PGA PAT Guidelines and Requirements 


One of the most important aspects of the PGA Golf Management program is the internship program. The program coordinates student internships under the direct supervision of well-qualified and experienced PGA golf professionals whose primary purpose is to provide a valuable hands-on learning experience.

PGA Golf Management students will be required to complete four internships totaling 16 months of full-time work at three different types of facilities.

Refer to the PGA Golf Management Internship Procedures Manual for complete internship guidelines and procedures.

Interim Program Director

Farmer Schaeffer,, 405-974-2425