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Consistent with revised CDC guidance, vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are recommended to wear a mask when in public indoor spaces where COVID-19 virus transmission is considered substantial or high.

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Today's competitive, rapidly changing world requires depth and agility in the workplace. To prepare students to meet these challenges, UCO and the College of Mathematics and Science provides students with opportunities for life-changing intellectual experiences that take place both inside and beyond the classroom. We call this "Transformative Learning." Transformative Learning is a holistic process that places students at the center of their own active and reflective learning experiences.

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The ACS Certificate major provides the graduate with the greatest varieties of options post-degree including the qualifications to enter a professional or graduate program or to work directly in the field.  The research experience and higher level of mathematics opens doors to other related fields such as engineering.

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Scholarships & Tuition Waivers

Incoming freshmen are eligible for a variety of scholarships within the General Academic Scholarship Program. There are multiple scholarships specific to the College of Mathematics and Science.

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Career Opportunities

Chemistry - ACS Certificate career opportunities include: 

  • Product development
  • Process development
  • Analysis
  • Testing
  • Biotechnology (using living organisms or cell processes to make useful products)
  • Consulting
  • Quality assurance/Quality control
  • Management
  • Environmental analyses
  • Forensics

Community Opportunities

Take advantage of these opportunities in the Metro that may spark your interest and even boost your résumé.