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The number of job openings in Biomedical Engineering is increasing rapidly. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment of biomedical engineers is expected to grow by 72 percent — adding nearly 12,000 jobs between 2008-18. The rapid rise is attributed to the increasing demand for improved medical devices, procedures and systems, as well as an aging population. As a biomedical engineer, you can work with medical imaging systems, artificial organs, prosthetic devices, sport medicine, sensors, computerized diagnosis systems, implants and biomaterials.

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Biomedical Engineering Program at University of Central Oklahoma provides rigorous education in engineering and biomedical science that allows graduates with unique abilities to ethically and productively contribute to the regional economy through performance and problem solving in health related industry or success in graduate school or medical school. Samples of the specialization courses are human physiology, principle of biomedical engineering, medical instrumentation, biomedical engineering laboratory, medical imaging and biomechanics.

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Scholarships & Tuition Waivers

Incoming freshman are eligible for a variety of scholarships within the General Academic Scholarship Program. There are multiple scholarships specific to the College of Mathematics and Science.

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Career Opportunities

Biomedical Engineering career opportunities include: 

  • Healthcare: clinical research (e.g., virology, immunology, enzymology), medical devices, equipment
  • Pharmacology: drug properties, interactions, application, development
  • Environmental: testing, air, water, and waste management, regulation
  • Agricultural: crop production, herbicide/pesticide development and application, bio-remediation
  • Food science: preservation, nutrition
  • Cosmeceutical: development and application
  • Forensic: toxicology, DNA analysis, scientific instrumentation
View a career guide for Biomedical Engineering majors.

Community Opportunities

Take advantage of these opportunities in the Metro which may spark your interest and even boost your resume.

  • Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation: For more information, go to
  • Oklahoma Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence: Go to to learn more.