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Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications

UCO students graduatingBecome the voice of an organization by enrolling in the University of Central Oklahoma’s Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications degree program. 

This interdisciplinary major introduces you to all aspects of crafting a brand’s media presence. Understand how to develop messaging, videos and social media campaigns that connect with audiences and cause them to take a desired action. Think about creativity in a business context to explore strategies for brand communications, publishing content and public relations while gaining hands-on experience and gleaning insights from your experienced professors.

In the process, you’ll build an impressive portfolio to start your career, become familiar with key tools and media standards and know-how to base decisions on market research to help an organization accomplish campaign objectives. 

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About the B.A. in Strategic Communications

Organizations, no matter their product or services, stand out with a brand. From taglines and messages to images, these creative aspects catch consumers’ attention and help a brand stand out from the competition.

With the goal of facilitating an engaged, freely speaking society, UCO’s Department of Mass Communication sees branding in the context of storytelling and shaping media presence. Designing our programs for ambitious students seeking a professional media career, we guide you through the process of defining and elevating a brand, from written and oral communications to appropriately using social media and the latest technologies.

Those enrolled in the bachelor’s in strategic communications program:

  • Grow their knowledge of essential organizational and business communication practices in relation to leadership, influence, problem-solving and conflict management.
  • Strengthen their analytical, critical thinking, leadership, creative and research skills and understand the role they play in marketing, advertising, event planning, information gathering and corporate communications.
  • Hone their written and visual communication abilities across traditional print and broadcast media to modern digital formats.
  • Learn to craft culturally sensitive messaging for diverse channels, orchestrate marketing campaigns and track their effectiveness in line with an organization’s goals.
  • Explore the role of communications in speaking to and influencing the public.
  • Have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills in the classroom, as well as through student-operated media organizations, internships and studying abroad.
  • Become familiar with key media laws and ethical principles.


With this framework in mind, you’ll work to become a clearer communicator through a curriculum focused on writing, public relations, advertising, media, editing and design. Over the major’s 51 to 59 credit hours, you’ll thoroughly explore business and media communications techniques, theories and applications. Along with university core requirements, you’ll learn about:

  • Writing for multiple media platforms, including advertising, brand communications, public relations and organizational communications, in line with industry standards
  • Planning, recording and editing audio and video footage
  • Brand communications, from the medium’s history and evolution through current techniques, present societal role and decision-making processes
  • Public relations, from its history to techniques for planning and managing campaigns
  • Public information methods used for strategic communications and media relations
  • Design and layout principles for common print communication materials
  • Using media research to identify target audiences, get customer feedback, craft messages and determine distribution channels
  • Digital and social media tools and methods used to project messages and interact with audiences
  • Strategic communication in the marketplace and devising messages for different segments
  • Ethics in mass communications and journalism
  • Developing and overseeing a campaign from start to finish

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Careers in Strategic Communications 

Start a career where you’ll communicate on behalf of an organization, be it defining its brand, controlling its social media presence or writing for print or digital marketing campaigns. With the multifaceted skill set you gain through UCO’s B.A. in strategic communications, you can launch your career in a number of directions, including:

  • Marketing specialist
  • Marketing manager
  • Corporate communications
  • Advertising
  • Media buying
  • Writing and design
  • Branded communications
  • Public relations
  • Project management
  • Event planning
  • Social media

Reflecting industrywide demand for professionals with this knowledge, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified 14% growth across media and communications occupations between 2020 and 2030

UCO strives to enrich the Oklahoma City metropolitan area with knowledgeable graduates ready to make an impact. As part of this mission, we encourage our students to get involved with local organizations to build connections and put what they’ve learned into action. Consider participating in the following:

Learn More About the B.A. in Strategic Communications

Discover how you can create connections through words and visual storytelling with a Bachelor of Arts in strategic communications from UCO. For additional information, contact the Department of Mass Communication by phone at 405-974-5303 or by email with any questions you may have.