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Our program is accredited by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCATE) and the National Council of Social Studies (NCSS). We work closely with the College of Education and support their mission "to provide excellent programs which dynamically meet the needs of a changing society and prepare individuals to be outstanding professionals in the various teaching and non-teaching disciplines represented in the College." 



Connect to History Education

Discover what it means to study history education at Central.

The student-teaching experience within the history education program provides students with hands-on experience, networking opportunities and the knowledge to be a successful career teacher. Discover student stories about their time in the history education program.


The department offers a wide selection of courses in U.S., European, Asian, Latin American and African history that engage students in the historian’s craft and prepare them for a successful career as a social studies teacher.

Degree Sheet

Admission to the Teacher Education Program

History Education majors must apply and be accepted to the Teacher Education Program in order to be eligible to take professional teacher education courses and to graduate with an education degree from UCO. Admission to the Teacher Education Program is separate from admission to the University of Central Oklahoma.

Admission Requirements

Career Opportunities

History Education majors have career opportunities in the following areas: 

  • Teaching
  • Public policy
  • Regional planning
  • City or town management
  • Legislative, executive, or judicial service

Community Opportunities

Take advantage of these opportunities in the metro which may spark your interest and even boost your resume.