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The UCO School of Criminal Justice is one of the oldest criminal justice programs in Oklahoma. Here at the School of Criminal Justice, we are committed to turning academic excellence into professional competence and helping our students become the leaders of tomorrow’s criminal justice system. The School is highly respected and has a diverse faculty with exceptional academic credentials and professional experience in law, research, working with serial offenders, cybercrime, white-collar crime, community policing, and corrections.

The undergraduate Criminal Justice program at the University of Central Oklahoma is for those who want to obtain employment in the criminal justice system. To help your education and career goals become a reality, the School of Criminal Justice offers scholarships and tuition waivers.

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Student Learning Objectives

Criminal Justice - General Majors will be able to:

  • Communicate clearly and effectively to an audience of their peers
  • Demonstrate depth of knowledge and skills related to the processes and issues in criminal justice
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in their writing
  • Engage in research opportunities
  • Ethically synthesize and properly document source material according to the American Psychological Association (APA) citation standards

Degree Sheet 

Student Organizations

The School of Criminal Justice has two student organizations – the Criminal Justice Club and Alpha Phi Sigma, the Criminal Justice Honor Society. Both organizations help to support Criminal Justice students during their time in the program.


Career Opportunities

There are various career opportunities available for Criminal Justice majors, including: 

  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Crime Scene Technician
  • Corporate Security
  • Lawyer
  • Corrections/Probation Officer
  • Case Manager/Treatment Specialist
  • Criminalist
  • Victim Advocate

View a career guide for Criminal Justice majors.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Plenty of volunteer and internship opportunities are available in the Criminal Justice field. Here are some options: