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The Global Art and Visual Culture program teaches students to identify artistic, urban and architectural traditions globally; compare different aesthetic traditions, contemporary and historical; locate, interpret and analyze primary and secondary sources relevant to contemporary art and visual culture and art historical research; evaluate art and visual culture through the lenses of key cross-cultural issues such as religion, colonization, secularization and nationalism, utilizing innovative theoretical and methodological approaches; formulate art historical research questions and present research finding in oral and written form; and demonstrate the role of art and visual culture in the production of individual, social and cultural identities



As a part of a metropolitan university, Global Art and Visual Culture prepares students for interaction within the increasingly global community due to its emphasis on global art historical competence and rigorous research and writing skills. The program is unique due to its transnational and global focus of both Western and non-Western art historical traditions. The term “global” does not simply refer to the global world in its physical sense, but to a transcultural perspective of art historical inquiry. The students examine art and visual culture not only as an expression of diverse societal values, but also as a result of shifting frontiers within the global order. Thus, students are able to recognize that local visual practices are often a result of negotiations between multiple cultural centers of production.

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The UCO College of Fine Arts and Design annually awards more than $150,000 in scholarships with more than 90 scholarship opportunities.  Our talented and ambitious students ensure that CFAD remains a center for excellence in the fine and performing arts. CFAD scholarships recognize the dedication displayed in the classroom, in performances and in exhibitions, as well as help our students make their studies a primary focal point and not monetary stress.

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Career Opportunities

Global Art and Visual Culture career opportunities include:

  • Curatorial
  • Preservation and conservation
  • Restoration
  • Collections management
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Community Opportunities

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