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The Associate of Applied Science in Contemporary Music - Performance programs are designed specifically to provide students with an intensive, yet practical, industry-related education. Students receive training in band skills, songwriting, aural skills, stage presentation, business and music industry studies, and more. Contemporary Music Performance degrees offer concentration in the following areas: Guitar & Bass, Drum, Vocal, and Keyboard.

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Contemporary Music Performance

Program Overview

Earn an Associate's or Minor in Contemporary Music Performance.

Areas of study include:

  • Vocal/Instrumental Performance
  • Songwriting


The ACM@UCO’s purpose is to provide practical learning experiences that help our students survive and thrive in today’s music and entertainment industry. Students majoring in Contemporary Music Performance will learn musicianship skills, theoretical concepts, and stylistic methods that embody current professional performance standards. This is achieved through instrumental or vocal private lessons, live performance workshops, and music culture studies.

Students can pursue tracks of study in vocal performance, guitar, bass, drums, or keyboard.

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Scholarships & Tuition Waivers

The UCO College of Fine Arts and Design annually awards more than $150,000 in scholarships with more than 90 scholarship opportunities.  Our talented and ambitious students ensure that CFAD remains a center for excellence in the fine and performing arts. CFAD scholarships recognize the dedication displayed in the classroom, in performances, and in exhibitions, as well as help our students make their studies a primary focal point and not monetary stress.

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Career Opportunities

Contemporary Music Performance career opportunities include:

  • Performing Artist
  • Performing Songwriter
  • Session Musician
  • Background Vocalist
  • Private Instructor
  • Composer
  • Lyricist

Community Opportunities

Take advantage of these resources in the OKC Metro to get a head start/boost your resume before attending the ACM@UCO!