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Trade and Industrial Education is the program within Career and Technical Education designed to develop manipulative skills, safety consciousness, trade ethics, leadership abilities, technical knowledge and related occupational information, that prepares individuals for employment, upgrades or retrains out-of-school adult workers in trade, technical and industrial occupations. This degree can be completed online or on campus.

Career, Technical and Workforce Development

Trade and Industrial Education

at UCO

Student Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete this degree will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of and applications in a Trade and Industrial Education discipline.
  • Combined knowledge and skills in applying the principles of pedagogy and andragogy in teaching a Trade and Industrial Education discipline;
  • Successfully teach at a Technology Center including: create curriculum; demonstrate competence in teaching Trade and Industrial Education student; and display effective communication skills with students, parents, and administrators.

Degree Sheet

Earn a Concurrent Teaching Degree

This program is one of only a few teaching fields where an individual may begin teaching without a teaching degree, if he or she has served as technician, industrial specialist, or trades person with at least three years approved work experience within the last five years. This program can help you attain your teaching degree concurrently as you teach in a career and technology program. Additionally, students cab receive 24 hours of college credit for work experience through an advanced standing examination. Previous hours you may have toward another degree may count as well. We will look at every course you have completed, and those that correspond with basic T&I courses or with other courses in your plan will be substituted.

Career Opportunities

  • High Schools
  • Area career and technology centers
  • Correctional facility skill centers
  • Business and industry

Community Opportunities

Take advantage of these opportunities which may spark your interest and even boost your resume.