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The purpose of public health is to protect the health of all people. Public health is rooted in social justice and utilizes scientific inquiry and investigation to solve complex health problems. Public health professionals work to prevent sickness, disease and injury, and do so at a total population level, impacting large numbers of people at a time.

A career in public health enables you to serve the community, conduct research, create innovative interventions, develop policy, collaborate with others, advocate for and work with vulnerable populations, and utilize best practices and evidence-based solutions to improve the quality of life of others. Graduates of UCO’s Public Health program go on to work in county health departments, state health departments, other government organizations, hospitals, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and private businesses - pursuing their passion to improve the health of people locally, nationally, and/or globally.

Degree SheetStories from Our Students

Student Learning Objectives

  • Assess Needs, Resources and Capacity for Health Education/Promotion
  • Plan Health Education/Promotion

  • Implement Health Education/Promotion 

  • Conduct Evaluation and Research Related to Health Education/Promotion
  • Administer and Manage Health Education/Promotion
  • Serve as a Health Education/Promotion Resource Person
  • Communicate, Promote, and Advocate for Health, Health Education/Promotion, and the Profession


The Community/Public Health program at the University of Central Oklahoma is a SABPAC approved program. SABPAC (SOPHE-AAHE Baccalaureate Program Approval Committee) approval recognizes that the program prepares undergraduate students for entry into the workforce as community health educators.

Certified Health Education Specialist

Holding a Community/Public Health degree allows graduates to sit for the CHES Exam. Many positions in the field list “CHES required” or “CHES eligible” in the job description. Some positions provide a larger salary to employees with CHES credentials.


Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for Community/Public Health include:

  • Health Administrator
  • Health Social Work
  • Public Health Educator
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Program Manager
  •  Wellness Coordinator
  • Grant Manager
  • Patient Advocate