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Campus Closed:

Due to forecasted winter weather, the UCO campus will be closed Wednesday, Feb. 1. All offices will be closed and all classes are canceled.

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Site

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The University of Central Oklahoma has a long history of supporting the Paralympic and Olympic movement. In 2006, Central received the designation as an official U.S. Paralympic Training Site and in 2009,  received the official Olympic designation becoming one of a select group of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Sites in the United States. 

Since this designation, UCO has become the year-round training site for the men's and women's sitting volleyball teams,  hosted the 2010 Sitting Volleyball World Championships, and held numerous international scrimmages and training camps.

Currently, UCO has partnerships with USA Volleyball and USA Taekwondo for select athletes to train at the training site and attend school at the University. 

For more information at the training site at UCO, please contact Leigha Pemberton, 405-974-3160.

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Sitting Volleyball

Sitting volleyball is a discipline of the sport in which athletes play in a seated position. The sitting game utilizes the same volleyball skills and techniques as the standing game with a few key rule differences. Players use both their arms and legs to move across the court, and it's a physical, fast-paced game.

The men's sitting volleyball team first moved to UCO in 2005, with the women's sitting volleyball team following in 2007. Both teams have had international success while calling UCO home. Resident athletes train daily at the UCO Wellness Center and both the men's and women's teams host full roster training camps each month.

USA Sitting Volleyball offices are located on the second floor of the UCO Wellness Center. 

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Taekwondo or Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art, characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. Taekwondo has been a medal sport at the Olympic Games since 2000 and the 2020 Paralympic Games added Para-Taekwondo for the first time. 

In 2016, UCO partnered with USA Taekwondo to provide opportunities for Taekwondo athletes to attend university and continue to chase their Olympic or Paralympic dreams.  Athletes in the program have achieved national and international success, all while working towards obtaining their degrees. 

The program is managed by USA Taekwondo in partnership with UCO and athletes train at the UCO Wellness Center and at Poos Taekwondo in Edmond. 

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Games Success

2016 Rio Paralympic Games

  • Women's Sitting Volleyball team-Gold Medal
  • Men's Sitting Volleyball team-8th place finish
  • Jeremy Campbell, Discus- 4th place finish

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2012 London Paralympic Games

  • Women's Sitting Volleyball team-Silver Medal
  • Jeremy Campbell, Discus-Gold Medal
  • Ahmed Shafik, Powerlifitng


2008 Beijing Paralympic Games

  • Women's Sitting Volleyball Team-Sliver Medal
  • Jeremy Campbell, Pentathlon and Discus- Gold Medal
  • Thomas Pemberton, Archery-4th Place Finish
  • Russell Wolfe, Archery