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The University of Central Oklahoma Department of Wellness and Sport believes in protecting the privacy and well-being of all our patrons. Due to safety issues, the following policies will be put into place immediately to help protect our patrons.

Policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, alumni, guests and visitors to the University of Central Oklahoma Wellness Center (referred to as patrons in this policy).


  • Patrons are to refrain from using a personal device camera or any other camera while in the Wellness and Sport facilities unless you are photographing an approved event or competition. Anyone taking pictures/videos must request approval from the Wellness Center Assistant Vice President, or a designee, at least 24 hours in advance. Use of personal devices with cameras of any kind in the locker rooms, restrooms, changing areas or the shower areas is strictly prohibited. 
  • Patrons are asked to be considerate of others while using cell phones for conversation. Out of respect for others, please move to a common area such as a lobby or hallway away from classes in progress. Please refrain from making or answering calls while in workout areas or organized classes.
  • All personal devices should be set to silent mode while utilizing the recreation and fitness areas.
  • Patrons should report any problems relating to inappropriate personal device usage to a facility staff member.
  • All personal devices must be used with headphones and at an acceptable volume level; this includes all music. 

Effective date: 07/01/2019

Last review date: 07/01/2019