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To establish a procedure of action in the event that a member fails to agree to abide by the conduct rules and regulations set forth in the membership agreement of the UCO Wellness Center.


The Wellness Center reserves the right to terminate this membership at any time, and the client (student, UCO employee, or community member) may be required to leave immediately, if the Wellness Center determines that the continued participation of the member would pose a danger to life, health or the general well-being of the Wellness Center community. Certain conditions may also be imposed on members who have violated policies of the University in addition to the revocation of membership.

Conditions can include but not limited to those sanctions imposed by the UCO Student Conduct Officer or Department of Public Safety (DPS).Facility supervisors have the authority to demand unruly members to leave the Wellness Center immediately if conduct warrants such action. Conduct infractions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Profanity
  • Smoking or use of any type of tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Inappropriate clothing
  • Physical or verbal altercations
  • Property damage including dunking on basketball goals

The facility supervisors will complete the risk documentation and communication in accordance with Wellness Center Risk Management Procedures. In addition, any time the supervisor asks a member to leave, he/she will then notify DPS.

  • Each reportable incident is documented at time of the incident utilizing the Wellness Center Incident/Accident Report
  • The incident form is completed by the person witnessing or in knowledge of the incident, the person’s supervisor, and then forwarded to the appropriate staff
  • The completed form is forwarded to appropriate Wellness Center staff member with documented follow-up recommended action
  • All completed forms will be forwarded to Assistant Director, Business Operations (Wellness Center Risk Manager).

Decision to Revoke Membership


  • The student will be notified by the appropriate university staff member that the membership has been revoked and any conditions related to reinstatement should there be probation. 
  • The UCO Student Conduct Officer will be notified of student’s disposition and follow-up actions recommended from the Wellness Center.
  • The Student Conduct Officer will follow-up with appropriate sanctions to include a letter to the student. The Wellness Center will receive a copy for risk management.
  • Wellness Center members who have a guest removed may be reprimanded.

Community Member (this includes employee or visitor):

  • The client will be notified by the Wellness Center administration that the membership has been revoked, prior to a certified letter.
  • The community member will receive a certified letter from the Wellness Center business office stating membership has been revoked and explanation of any financial adjustments made related to membership fees paid. 
  • Copies of the letter will go to DPS, University Legal Services, and the Wellness Center risk management files. 
  • Wellness Center members who have a guest removed may be reprimanded.


Effective Date: 4/5/10

Date of last review 10/11/2019