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The University of Central Oklahoma Department of Wellness and Sport believes in protecting the well-being of all our patrons. Due to personal hygiene, health and safety issues, the following policies will  be put into place immediately to protect our patrons.


  • All participants must place their personal belongings in a day locker in the locker room or in the fitness area cubbies. The lockers are not secured by the Wellness Center.  Participants are required to bring a personal lock to secure the locker; the cubbies are not secure.
  • Children under age of 18 years are not permitted to use the Fitness Room unless they have a Wellness Center community membership.
  • No food or drink is permitted anywhere in the Fitness Room. Water in a squeeze bottle with a lid or controlled spout is the only exception.
  • In order to prevent damage to upholstered equipment, clothing with zippers, snaps, buttons, etc. (i.e. jeans) cannot be worn in the Fitness Room.
  • Proper exercise attire is required and should cover the body appropriately. Mesh shirts are not permitted. Tops should cover the mid-body area and shorts should be long enough to cover the subgluteal line.
  • In an effort to minimize damage to our floor surfaces, patrons are asked to wear clean athletic shoes that have scuff resistance, non-marking soles in all activity areas of the facility. Patrons wearing shoes that will damage the floor may not continue in the activity unless the shoes are changed; being without shoes is not an acceptable alternative.  Closed toed shoes are required in the Fitness Room.
  • Only portable headphone devices are permitted.
  • Weight belts are prohibited when using benches while in a position where the buckle is in contact with the vinyl or padded equipment.
  • The use of chalk is prohibited in the second floor fitness area.
  •  Moving equipment, benches, or dumbbells from the free weight area into another area is not permitted.
  •  Spring collars must be used with all bars in free weight lifting.
  •  Spotters are required at all press stations.
  •  Patrons must use extreme caution when lifting weights to avoid any potential injury. Instruction place cards should be followed/observed when using the weight equipment. 
  •  Weights and dumbbells should not be dropped, placed on vinyl benches, or rested against the walls, equipment or mirrors.
  •  Stacked weight equipment should not be slammed while lifting.
  •  No additional weights shall be added to selectorized machines.
  •  Power and Olympic style lifting is prohibited in the second floor fitness area. Examples: Clings and Snatches and Dead Lifts
  • These drills can be completed on the UCO Outdoor Recreation Area – The Yard. Ask about hours of operations for The Yard.
  • All bars should be stripped immediately after use. All weight plates and dumbbells should be re-racked in the appropriate place with the writing facing outward.
  • Patrons using cardiovascular or strength equipment in an unsafe manner will be instructed on appropriate techniques or procedures.
  • Patrons are encouraged to wear a treadmill safety clip while using a treadmill.
  • The Fitness Room staff is available to provide information on how to use the equipment along with the part of the body that is being used. This may include such things as how to adjust the seat, the weight stacks using the pin, and how to program the cardiovascular equipment.
  •  The Fitness Room staff will not provide personal training instruction or prescribe a workout program to any patron. Anyone wishing to be advised on a program for individualized needs should be referred to UCO Wellness Center Personal Trainer List.
  •  Cardiovascular Equipment Time Limit: All cardiovascular equipment is operated on a first come, and first serve basis.  In order to avoid congestion and waiting lines, and to provide use of cardiovascular equipment equally to all patrons, there will be a 30-minute workout time limit per machine in the cardio area.  The time limit procedure is intended to be participant monitored.  The Fitness Room staff will settle any disputes.
  •  All concerns, equipment malfunctions, and maintenance needs should be reported to the UCO Wellness Center
  •  Users of the Fitness Room must comply with all instructions given by the staff. The UCO Wellness Center staff has the authority and responsibility to direct individuals not abiding by the policies or creating a disruption, to leave the facility.  Failure to comply with such instructions or with policies of the Fitness Room may result in disciplinary action.

Effective Date: 07/01/2019

Last review date: 10/17/2019

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