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We're proud of our diverse, accomplished staff, and look for any excuse to shine the spotlight on them! By clicking on their names, you will be redirected to their directory bio which highlights their accomplishments here at Central. 

Charlie Johnson, Vice President for University Communications, 405-974-2315


Beth Buesing, Business Manager, 405-974-2101

Kaitlyn Henry, Marketing Assistant II, 405-974-2307

Communications and Marketing

Adrienne Nobles, Assistant Vice President for University Communications, 405-974-2103

Sarah Neese, Communications and Marketing Coordinator, 405-974-2121

Ariel West, Digital Media Coordinator, 405-974-2122

Graphic Design

Craig Beuchaw, Art Director, 405-974-2104

Brian Alexander, Graphic Designer, 405-974-2105

Photo Services

Dan Smith, Director of Photographic Services, 405-974-2305

Lauren Bieri, Photographer, 405-974-2305

KT King, Photographer, 405-974-2305


Gypsy Hogan, Publications Editor, 405-974-2106

Video Services

Sam Ferguson, Videographer, 405-974-2124