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For questions to learn more information on what misconduct could be viewed as, view the Code of Conduct Handbook.  

General Misconduct

To report an incident involving  Academic Dishonesty, Sexual Misconduct, General Misconduct, Residence Life or For Information Only, fill out the General Misconduct form.
*This reporting form shall also serve as the UCO Clery Act Offense Reporting form.*

Concerning Behaviors

To report an incident involving Concerning or Threatening Behaviors, such as a threat or self or others, suicidal ideations or addiction, fill out the Concerning Behaviors form


To report an incident involving Hazing, being compelled to do out-of-the-ordinary things as a condition of acceptance or continued membership in a group or organization, fill out the Hazing form.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center Report form is only for Wellness Center employees to report incidents. If an incident occurred at the Wellness Center, but you are not a Wellness Center employee,  use the General Misconduct form.