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UCO Police offers three motor assist services 24/7 to individuals on the main campus: jump-start, unlock, and tire change. Please provide a valid phone number when requesting the service, in the event you are not with your vehicle when an officer arrives. 


For UCOPD to jump-start your vehicle, you will need to provide your tag number to dispatch when you call the station. UCO Police uses jump boxes to jump-start vehicles, not jumper cables, per UCO Police policy. If you are with your vehicle, please have the hood popped for the officer to locate you more easily.


For UCOPD to unlock your vehicle, you will need to provide your name, tag number, and the name of the owner of the vehicle to dispatch. If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, it is at the discretion of the responding officer if they will unlock your vehicle for you. Once the officer is on the scene, they will ask for your driver's license. If it is locked in the vehicle, you will need to present it after the vehicle is unlocked.

Tire Change

For UCOPD to assist in changing a tire, you must have all of the required tools for performing the task - car jack designed for your vehicle, tire key, tire iron, and fully inflated spare tire. UCOPD will not provide these tools for you or transport you to air up a tire. The amount of assistance offered for the tire change is at the discretion of the responding officer.