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Department of Public Safety

The mission of the Department of Public Safety is to serve, support and protect the University of Central Oklahoma community. Their officers serve the campus community in the same manner, and with the same authority and responsibility, as other local law enforcement agencies.

The Department of Public Safety at the University of Central Oklahoma is comprised of the University Police Department (UCOPD) and the Emergency Management Unit. 

The UCO campus is protected by a comprehensive police department, commissioned to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by the State of Oklahoma, City of Edmond, and the University of Central Oklahoma. As state-certified officers, they are responsible for enforcing laws on campus property and adjoining Edmond city streets and may issue citations, arrest, impound vehicles, and conduct official investigations. The fully functioning police station is operated by certified communication specialists who monitor campus alarms and the dispatch system and maintain internal force records. 

The Emergency Management Unit is led by the director of Emergency Management and the executive director of Public Safety. The unit exists to provide emergency preparedness training and guidance to the UCO campus. As the first university to hire a full-time emergency management coordinator to handle emergency management issues on campus in the state of Oklahoma, and the only Oklahoma university to have an approved Disaster Resistant University grant approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, UCO is leading the way in university emergency preparedness in the state of Oklahoma. 

Campus Substance Guidelines

The UCO campus is a smoke, drug, and alcohol-free campus. 

Drug-Free Campus Tobacco Policy Alcohol Policy

In Case of Emergency

Call 9-1-1
24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

Broncho Five-O Tip Line
405-974-FIVE (3483)
Provide details including  names, personal descriptions, vehicle information, weapons information, hazardous materials information, addresses, phone numbers, and other details as may be applicable.

Severe Weather Preparedness

It is important to be aware of the policies and procedures in place to keep the campus community safe in the event of a severe weather event. Each building on campus has a designated primary shelter location, as well as plans for secondary locations. Being familiar with these locations may save a life.