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Oklahoma City Skyline at Night

UCO is a Key Employer in the Oklahoma City Metro

Employs 1,286 full-time faculty and staff 

(November 2022)

Offering a Higher Cost-Benefit

Estimated economic impact in the OKC Metro of more than $589 million. The estimates reflect the impact of the operations and spending of the university and campus and do not include either increased student earnings after degree completion or visitor spending. 

(Fiscal year 2022)

UCO Endeavor Games: $1.6 Million in Economic Impact

Community events and programs also increase visitors to the metro community.  The UCO Endeavor Games brings approximately 1,270 visitors totaling nearly $1.6 million in economic impact.

(2022 Games)

 91% of Students are Oklahoma Residents



                                 Zippia 2020 Best College Ranking

Top Five UCO Undergraduate Majors

  • Nursing
  • Forensic science
  • Business administration
  • Psychology
  • Criminal justice


Top Five UCO Graduate Majors 

  • Eductional leadership
  • Nutrition and food science
  • Computer science
  • Business administration
  • Public analytics
(Fall 2022)

The latest economic impact estimates for UCO in FY2022 are an extension of estimates first released in a 2018 Oklahoma State Chamber Research Foundation report produced by RegionTrack. The impact estimates reflect revisions in both data and methodology and differ from the initial results in several respects. Estimates include updated and revised university expenditures, employment, and compensation data as well as student enrollment and spending. Changes to the impact methodology now capture non-resident student spending by resident students from outside the Oklahoma City metropolitan area as well as students from outside the state and country. The changes reflect an improved impact methodology and provide for a more conservative estimate of the overall impact of the university over time. Because of significant changes to both data and methodology, comparisons of current impact estimates should not be made to prior releases. Changes in the magnitude of estimates relative to prior reports are primarily visible in reduced direct economic output traced to lower spending by nonresident students.