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The Inclusive Community Response Team serves the University of Central Oklahoma in two roles as part of a larger effort to foster an inclusive campus culture. 

  1. Work closely with university partners to coordinate UCO’s public response to local and national events.
  2. Upon request, review observed behavior that is inconsistent with the university’s culture of inclusion. 

UCO community members are encouraged to request support if they experience or witness behavior that is inconsistent with the university’s culture of inclusion to one of the following institutional reporting offices. That office will review the behavior first, and if appropriate, solicit the assistance of the Inclusive Community Response Team. Members of the Inclusive Community Response Team will review the behavior and offer an opportunity for those involved to be heard and to achieve mutual understanding. Outcomes may include voluntary conversations or conflict mediation. The purpose of this process is to be educational and to inform student and professional development programming. Inclusive Community and the Inclusive Community Response Team do not impose sanctions or discipline. 

Support and Reporting References

The Inclusive Community Response Team (ICRT) does not investigate claims. If you would like to submit a claim for investigation, below are on-campus support and reporting references. If you or someone else is in immediate danger or it is an emergency, immediately call UCO Police at 405-974-2345 or call 9-1-1.

Institutional Reporting

Office of Equal opportunity

Title IX and Equal Employment Opportunity

Bausher Place, Room 115, 

Office of Student accountability and conflict resolutions

Nigh University Center 323, (students)

Disability Support Services

Nigh University Center 305,
Student Complaint Procedure in Cases of Alleged Disability Discrimination and/or Harassment Incident Report Form

On-Campus Support References

Center for Counseling and Well-Being

Nigh University Center 402,

UCO Psychology Clinic

Education Building 307,

Employee Assistance Program

Deer Oaks, 888-993-7650

Inclusive Community

Lillard Administration Building 114D, 


Nigh University Center 136,

Women’s Research Center/BGLTQ+ Student Center

Thatcher Hall 106,

Inclusive Community Response Team

  • Adrienne Nobles, Vice President for Communication and Public Affairs
  • Alyssa Provencio, Assistant Professor for Political Science, Academic Affairs Equity Advocate
  • Barry Lofton, Executive Director of TRIO and GEAR UP Programs
  • Cassie Murphy, Director of the Center for Counseling and Well-Being
  • Charlotte Simmons, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Cristi Moore, Inclusion Strategist for Inclusive Community
  • Gary Steward, Senior Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
  • Jennifer Williams Molock, Assistant Vice President for Inclusive Community
  • Liliana Renteria Mendoza, Director of Curriculum and Policy
  • Scott Monetti, Director of Housing and Dining