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It is one thing to espouse values of equity, diversity and inclusion. It is another to move into action. This site contains a collection of selected resources, spaces and information with which faculty, staff and students can engage to advance equity and inclusion in their various roles; to further their own cultural competence development; and to practice self-care as they carry out the work of creating community and advancing inclusive excellence.


Resources for the Academy

Planning Tools and Institutional Frameworks

Classroom Tools

Recruiting, Retention and Hiring

Facilitated Learning Experiences

Unless otherwise noted, contact Inclusive Community to request a facilitated learning experience for your office, department or College. or 405-974-2953.

  • Authentically Engaging with UCO's Land Acknowledgement - This learning experience is for those interested in understanding the purpose of a Land Acknowledgement and how to use UCO's Land Acknowledgement in a variety of settings. Learners will discover what it looks like to move beyond simply reading a Land Acknowledgement, and into embodying its intent. By the end of this lesson, learners will be able to: Explain the purpose of a Land Acknowledgement; engage in best practices as it relates to Land Acknowledgement usage; recognize the effects of colonization; actively apply decolonization and indigenization practices in the classroom and work place; and utilize the Land Acknowledgement as a transformative tool in the classroom.
  • A Discussion on Embodying Equity-Mindedness - The purpose of this learning experience is to: 1) Define the terms inequity and equity, as they relate to diversity and inclusion; 2) Engage the learner in case studies designed to show equity in action; and 3) Prompt the learner to identify how they can advance equity.
  • Recognizing, Reducing and Responding to Microaggressions - Microaggressions have become a popular topic lately. But do we really understand what they are, why they might occur, the history behind some of them, and what we should do if we commit one? How do we know what is okay to say or do, and what might unintentionally demean or exclude someone? Through this facilitated learning experience, learners will discover answers to these questions, plus what we can do to reduce our chances of perpetrating a microaggression. 
  • Intercultural Development Inventory - You and your colleagues will have the chance to complete the IDI and engage in one-on-one and group debriefs. In the debrief, participants will learn what is meant by the terms culture and intercultural competence, identify their own intercultural competence developmental level, and explore how they can advance their intercultural competence level.
  • Making Visible the Invisible -  How do you define race? What does racism look like? Does racism still exist? The purpose of this facilitated learning experience is to answer these questions, while providing opportunities for self-reflection and a deeper understanding of our diverse and dynamic society. Upon completing this course, learners will be able to: 1) challenge common misconceptions regarding race and racism; 2) recognize the continued existence of racism in the form of systemic racism; and 3) understand how systemic racism perpetuates inequity.
  • Dreamer Ally Training to support your DACA students - contact Dr. Liliana Renteria Mendoza or Dr. Alyssa Provencia.
  • SAFE Ally Training to support your 2SLGBTQIA+ students - contact Dr. Lindsey Churchill.
  • Pronouns in the Classroom to support your understanding and inclusive use of student chosen pronouns - contact Dr. Leeda Copley or Dr. Shun Kiang.

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Resources for the Student

Supporting Student Social/Emotional Needs

Diverse, International & DACA Student Programs & Offices

  • College Opportunity Programs for UCO Current & Prospective Students - Programs (TRIO and Gear Up) to motivate and support students from low income/disadvantaged backgrounds, veterans and students with disabilities in their pursuit of a college degree.
  • DACA support and resources for Dreamers
  • Disability Support Services - Determines appropriate housing and academic accommodations and coordinates auxiliary aids for students with disabilities. Request and accommodation or contact them at, 405-974-2516.
  • Global Affairs - Assists UCO's international students with acclimating to college life in the United States.
  • International House - Facilitates global engagement and intercultural proficiencies by bringing together Central's students, staff, faculty and community to create opportunities for transformative learning.
  • Student Advocacy - Assistance with navigating student paths to success and degree completion at UCO as well as guidance and resources for financial and academic challenges. Email or book an appointment.
  • Inclusive Community- Student Hub - Connect to campus resources and programs especially for students identifying with systemically marginalized communities. Email or call 405-974-3588.
  • Student Orgs and Retention Initiatives - A variety of student initiatives and organizations intended to provide the kind of support that members of our UCO family need to support a high level of retention and graduation. Our organizations represent the vivid and diverse fabric of our campus community.
  • The Center - The Center has two arms, the Women's Research Center and BGLTQ+ Student Center, which work both independently and collaboratively to engage and advance women and the BGLTQ+ community at the University of Central Oklahoma, the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan region and beyond.
  • Undergraduate Admissions - Prospective students who have questions regarding the application process or have general questions about UCO can call 405-974-2724.
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Resources for Self-Care

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Resources for Self-Development