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Office of Equal Opportunity

The University of Central Oklahoma is committed to an inclusive educational and employment environment that provides equal opportunity and access to all qualified persons. The Office of Equal Opportunity is dedicated to maintaining an inclusive campus by investigating, hearing and addressing any acts of discrimination, sexual misconduct and/or harassment. Additionally, the Office of Equal Opportunity provides UCO's Title IX training required of all faculty, staff and students.

Faculty, staff and students who feel they have witnessed or experienced discrimination, sexual misconduct and/or harassment are encouraged to reach out to the Office of Equal Opportunity for  support and guidance, and/or report such instances to the Office of Equal Opportunity.


Learn about Equal Employment Opportunity and how you are protected against harassment, discrimination and retaliation

Title IX

Learn more about Title IX and important related terminology while exploring answers to some frequently asked questions

Support Resources

Discover support and guidance resources within UCO and the larger community


Learn how faculty, staff and students can volunteer as a Title IX panelist, investigator or Advisory Board member

We Are Here to Support You!

Office of Equal Opportunity
Bausher Place, Room 115 |

Erin Logan

Dr. Erin Logan, AVP for Equal Opportunity & Title IX Coordinator

Katherine Eaves

Dr. Katherine Eaves, Chief Investigator for EEO & Deputy Title IX Coordinator

David Ball

David Ball, Program Coordinator for Equal Opportunity