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New UCO Travel Agent

Effective March 18, 2023, UCO's travel agent has now changed to CTP. All UCO travelers should contact CTP to request airfare quotes using the steps below:

  1. All individual travelers can get a quote from Concur
  2. Contact CTP by phone or email for an airfare quote: 888-315-6759 or
  3. Once the quote is received from CTP, the process to purchase the ticket will remain the same via the UCO Travel Office. The CTP ticketing fee is $25.00 per ticket if talking with the travel agent to make the reservation. All other travel policies remain the same.

New UCO Individual Travel Card

UCO's travel and expense management system has changed  to BronchoTravel - powered by Concur.  SAP Concur is a worldwide travel company that already serves many higher education clients in Oklahoma and throughout the country.  The system change is required because the current travel and expense management system will no longer be supported by the software vendor.  All University employees who travel will use SAP Concur to request travel authorization, book travel, and reconcile travel expenses. 

If you have additional questions concerning travel, contact the Travel Office at or 405-974-3737.


Application Process

Applicant must complete application form, obtain financial manager approval, and submit to Travel, Box 161, the UCO Individual Travel Card Application Form. All forms must be campus-mailed or hand-delivered to the Travel Office. located in Admin., Rm 109.

The Travel Office will process the application and the cardholder or designated department administrator will be notified by email when the card is available.  

  • Each employee will be issued one UCO Individual Travel Card upon completion of training and receipt of application.
  • The UCO Individual Travel Card is for authorized University purchases only - personal use is strictly prohibited.  The UCO individual Travel Card can be used for, but is not limited to airfare, hotel, registration, local transportation, and parking; however, anything rate based (i.e. meals, mileage, and private lodging) must be paid out of pocket and get reimbursed.
  • The cardholder is responsible for retaining receipts and/or appropriate documentation for all purchases including those made over the phone or internet. These must be presented for periodic compliance reviews.
  • The Financial Manager may identify one individual to serve as the primary departmental contact for all questions and transactions related to the UCO Individual Travel Card. This individual will be responsible for the location, issuance, control and records associated with the UCO Individual Travel Card(s) issued to your department.
  • It is required that a back-up contact be identified for support when the primary contact is not available. This person may not be the cardholder of record.


Training Requirements

UCO Individual Travel Card Training: All first-time cardholders must take classroom training initially.  Cardholders are required to complete UCO Individual Travel Card training every two years (subject to change) thereafter, either by classroom or online training. View the powerpoint used in training.

Below are some helpful quick guides:

Navigation Quick Guide

Profile Quick Guide 

Request Quick Guide 

Expense Reports Quick Guide

Allocation Quick Guide

Airfare Booking Quick Guide

Hotel Booking Quick Guide

Car Rental Quick Guide

For any questions regarding UCO Individual Travel Card training, please email or call x3737.


Card Replacement

The UCO Individual Travel Card is terminated on the last day of the expiration month indicated on the card.  A replacement card will automatically be issued during the expiration month, and the cardholder or designated department administrator will be notified by email when it is available for pickup.


Closing an Account

When cardholders are transferred or terminated, use of the UCO Individual Travel Card is no longer authorized. The card should be returned immediately to the Travel Office for cancellation. Failure to return the card may result in withholding of pay.


Travel Announcements:

Per state policy:

  • To match federal travel reimbursement guidelines, the daily private lodging allowance ($10 per day) is no longer available for travel occuring on or after Nov. 1, 2022.

Travel Deadlines:

  • All travel reimbursements will need to be submitted with all documentation to Procurement Services no later than Wednesday, December 14th at 5:00 PM in order to guarantee processing for payment prior to Winter Break. 

Effective January 1, 2020:

  • Up to 20% tipping allowed for Ground Transportation (charges incurred prior to this date will be limited to a maximum of 15%).



Mileage Reimbursement Rate: 

  • $0.655 (Effective Jan. 01, 2023 to Dec. 31, 2023)
  • $0.585 (Effective Jan. 01, 2022 to Dec. 31,2022)

Standard Rates:

  • Lodging - $96
  • Per Diem - $55

Oklahoma City Rates:

  • Lodging - $105
  • Per Diem - $61


Please be aware of the following updates and changes affecting University Travel:

The State of Oklahoma has passed legislation that impacts travel reimbursements.  Provided are important highlights from HB 2435, 2619, and 2704:

  • Travel claims and vouchers may now cover more than 30 days.  However, one claim cannot cover more than one fiscal year.
  • Rather than using map mileage for travel between cities and vicinity miles within a locality, the traveler must track actual business miles based on a recognized GPS system. (We recognize that for some travel GPS is not currently available and that occasionally minor detours are necessary. GPS miles should be used when available.)
  • When GPS is not available, actual miles per the odometer will suffice as long as no personal miles are included and every travel point is documented.
  • Travel claim must include a log of each location of travel and the associated miles.
  • For agencies that have travelers that drive over the state but not to specific addresses, a description of the destination will suffice (e.g. ‘2 miles north of Ada’).
  • Attaching GPS printouts to travel claims will not be required.  Transaction Processing will be performing sample audits of mileage to compare reported miles to a GPS system for reasonableness.


Group Travel Instructions

The Group Travel Forms should be completed for any travel consisting of faculty/staff and students. The form is required for approval of all group travel.  These instructions will cover the two main types of Group Travel.

  • Group Travel is for faculty/staff traveling together with students for conferences, research, study tours, etc.
    • Fill out the Travel Card/Cash Advance Request form if you are requesting travel for a group. The form should be completed, signed, and turned in to the Travel Office at least three weeks prior to the date of travel. Any requests less than three weeks in advance is not guaranteed.
    • The Group Travel Worksheet must be completed and attached to the request. The worksheet should contain all of the expenses that are direct paid by your department (PCard), what should be purchased by the Travel Office and what expenses should be placed on the Travel Card.
    • Any airfare that is to be purchased by the Travel Office must have an itinerary attached to the form. The Group Travel Worksheet must include the names of all travelers (as it appears on the driver’s license), date of birth and Banner ID number(s). Attach with your form any related travel documentation (conference/event details, hotel reservations, etc.).
    • Once the Travel Office receives the Travel Card request and the form has been properly authorized/approved, a Travel Card will be requested from the bank and you will be notified when to pick up your card and packet.
  • This request is also for a UCO issued Cash Advance Check. This may only be requested from a cash account fund (eg. 02 orgs or S accounts). The amount of the check may also be limited. We normally request that you do not ask for a cash advance over the amount of $1,000.00. If you need more funds than this, please request a Travel Card (this is strictly a suggestion, there are many scenarios that may come up so we will try to make it as convenient as possible).  A Cash Advance Check must be requested at least two weeks in advance. The Cash Advance Check is not a means for reimbursement.
  • Please note the Liability Clause on the Travel Card/Cash Advance Request Form and the UCO Risk Management Foreign Travel Requirements.


Helpful Tips

Early preparation is key for a successful trip.


Contact your Dean, Chair, or Financial Manager(s) for funding information (such as organizational numbers and amounts).


Gather information as early as possible for the conference, meeting, etc. (such as conference dates and agendas).


Dates for early bird costs and deadlines should be found out well ahead of time.  Is the registration being paid by you, your department admin's PCard, or by purchase order?


Look into hotel location and designated lodging rate per night (if applicable), including taxes.  Is the hotel being paid for by you, your department admin's PCard, or by purchase order?


Decide on the mode of transportation early on - flying or driving? Are you purchasing your airfare, or is the University going to direct pay for it?  Please note, if you are driving, you must get an airline quote. The amount reimbursed will be the lowest cost of the two.

Confirming Hotel & Flight Information:

Travelers are reminded to confirm all hotel and flight information at least 48 hours prior to departure.

For any questions you may have please feel free to contact us at, or by contacting the travel office.


Travel Policy Reminders


Travel Emergencies:

For all life threatening emergencies, please call 911. For problems with hotel and/or flight reservations during normal business hours, please contact the Travel office at (405) 974-3737. For information regarding how to handle travel delays or extensions, please contact your immediate supervisor, director, or Financial Manager.