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Announcements—Campus Holiday Closures

Campus offices will be closed on these dates:

  • Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 22-24, 2023
  • Winter Break: Dec. 25, 2023–Jan. 2, 2024
    • Offices will be closed to the public: Dec. 20-22, 2023, and Jan. 3-5, 2024

Purchasing Deadline Announcements

  • Nov. 7 – deadline for requisitions before Thanksgiving break that don’t have to go to legal. Allow more time for legal requisitions.
  • Dec. 4 - The deadline for requisitions is before winter break. Allow more time for legal requisitions.

Submit requisitions by these dates for purchases that need to be placed before the corresponding holiday. We cannot guarantee that a purchase order requiring competitive bids, quotes, contract agreement execution or legal approval will be completed and approved for requisitions submitted after the above dates.

As a reminder: UCO Service Agreements for Independent Contractors, UCO Contracts for Guest Speakers and Entertainment Contracts require at least five business days to process. This processing time is in addition to the time required to process requisitions. Vendor contracts, which may entail more in-depth terms and conditions, require four to six weeks for review and signatures.

Individual Travel Deadline Announcements

For individual travel, the date the items need to be received to be processed before the holidays will be as follows.

  • Guaranteed to be processed before Thanksgiving break; expense reports must be received by Nov. 13.
  • Guaranteed to be processed before winter break: expense reports need to be received by Dec. 12.

Pcard Deadline Announcements

Refer to the upload calendar that is on the website.


New Vendors 

Independent contractors, guest speakers and entertainment contracts must submit the OMES vendor form with information to include contact name, email address and phone number. 

This information is now required by UCO to be in compliance with Oklahoma State Statute and HB 1086 which require that "payments disbursed from the State Treasury shall be conveyed solely through an electronic payment mechanism".

New Vendor Application

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Policies & Guidelines

Payment References of Authority | Authorized Signatures | Check Disbursement | Creating Requisitions | Competitive Bidding Exceptions | Computer & Network Access Purchases | Employee Payment Policy | Food & Beverage Purchases | Independent Contractors, Contractual Services | Individual Membership Dues Payment Policy | Payment Increases and Encumbrances | Petty Cash Disbursement | Prepayment of Registration | Receiving Tangible Items | References of Authority | Registration Fees, Advance Prepayment | Reimbursements for UCO Employees, Student Expense Reimbursements | Software & Technology Purchases | Temporary Employees & Non-professional Services | Vehicle Rentals | Vendor Problems


Payment References of Authority

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Authorized Signatures

The University of Central Oklahoma is not responsible for purchases, leases or contractual obligations unless approved in writing by its authorized agents. Anyone signing a contract or agreement with intent to bind the university must have the authority to do so from the president. Signing an agreement or contract without authority is considered to be acting outside the course and scope of employment and could subject the signer to personal liability. 

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Check Disbursement

All checks are mailed via the U.S. Postal Service. Checks forwarded to the Student Financial Services Department (formerly referred to as Bursar Office) must be made payable to a UCO organization.  These checks will be deposited into the appropriate organization, and a deposit receipt mailed to the applicable financial manager. Exceptions will be made on contracted services bound by a formal contract, approved by UCO Legal Counsel, stating payment is required to be made in person immediately upon completion of services performed.

Note:  The UCO standard contract forms do not allow for any exception to the check disbursement policy; therefore, payment for services under standard UCO contracts will be mailed via U.S. Postal Services upon completion of services performed.

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Creating Requisitions

In accordance to the Office of State Finance, Chapter Two of the Procedures Manual and Section 23, Article X of the Oklahoma State Constitution and statutes and with regard to Title 62 O.S., Section 41.16, Subsection A, any agency entering into an agreement for the purchase of goods, wares or merchandise, contractual services or construction projects for which labor and material must be furnished by outside vendors, such agreement shall be evidenced by purchase orders encumbered by the agency prior to any goods received or services rendered. 

All purchase requests must be approved by the organizational account sponsor prior to products or services being purchased.  If a purchase requisition is received without the approval of the organizational account sponsor or written delegated substitute, the requisition will not be processed until such written approval can be acquired.

View a detailed explanation of general processing rules..

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Competitive Bidding Exceptions

Purchases in excess of $50,000.00 (requiring formal competitive bidding) will be processed with a purchase order issued upon completion of the formal solicitation process, contract award, and necessary approvals by RUSO (if applicable).

The following conditions may exempt a purchase competitive bidding, at the discretion and approval of the Director of Purchasing, but does not exclude providing the supporting documentation for the various acquisitions:

  1. Sole Source/Sole Brand Purchase - documented affidavit must be submitted with a requisition for approval.
  2. Purchase made from DCS Oklahoma Statewide Contract or Federal General Services Administration (GSA) Contract.
  3. Purchases made on contracts of other state agencies or state institutions of higher education.
  4. Purchases made on contracts of institutional related consortiums and organizations formed to take advantage of the combined purchasing power of its member institutions.
  5. Purchases of institution membership dues or services from associations directly related to the function of higher education institutions.
  6. Utility purchases which are available from only one source.
  7. Contracts for professional services as defined in Section 803 of Title 18 O.S.; unlimited dollar amounts per PIM 09-01.
  8. Research subcontracts with other institutions of higher education.
  9. Purchase of library books and other materials for library use.
  10.  Public construction contracts, which require competitive bidding, but Oklahoma Statute differs for the competitive bidding threshold.  See UCO Department of Architecture and Engineering.
  11.  Emergency Purchasing Policy for Physical Plant and Housing.  REF:  ADM-PUR-3
  12.  Conferences - for UCO employees attending a conference.
  13.  Grants naming specific items or individuals.  Such grant paperwork should be attached to the requisition. 
  14.  Leases - property management

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Computer and Network Access Purchases

The University of Central Oklahoma’s Office of Information Technology, in partnership with the Purchasing Office, has developed a new process for purchasing technology products and services.  The two divisions collaborated to provide efficiency and cost-savings benefits to the university. For details of this policy, please review the Knowledge Base Article.

Any technical equipment which accesses the University Network requires IT approval. Requestors should send their request to the UCO Service Desk

If a department wants to pay for the 4G services based upon business need, they should follow the Mobile/Smart Device Policy.

The Office of Information Technology has published official A/V Multimedia Campus Standards for UCO.  Acquisitions for such equipment must be reviewed and approved by IT and follow the standards unless the Office of Information Technology offers an exception.


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Employee Payment Policy

All payments made to employees of the University of Central Oklahoma shall be made through the UCO Payroll Department.  REF: ADM-FSV-1  Exceptions to this policy are limited to the following:

  • Approved reimbursement expenses
  • Scholarships and stipends as strictly defined by OSF Procedure Manual, Chapter 100 and Title 74 O.S., Section 4111.
  • Scholarships and stipends for students are restricted to payments for educational purposes and must be approved through Student Financial Services.


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Food & Beverage Purchases

MERF Form is required for all requisitions, check requests, petty cash and PCard purchases when food or beverage is involved. 

Policy denotes the following: "The University must maintain internal procedures and adequate file documentation which are consistent with the Board policy and which establishes (1) The public purpose of an expenditure, (2) Prior approval by the President or his/her designee, (3) The cost, and (4) Documentation of the reimbursement."

This form is required for all food, refreshments, meals and beverages.  The completed and executed MERF must be attached as supporting documentation for requisitions, check requests, petty cash and PCard


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Independent Contractors, Contractual Services

Anyone hired to perform services at UCO on a short term basis should be considered a temporary employee, utilizing Mosaic. Independent Contractors are the exception, not the rule.  Independent contractors have other customers outside of UCO.  Independent Contractors are those who follow an independent trade, business or profession in which they offer their specialized services to the public, and are not employees nor perform tasks performed by current employees.  The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if you, the person for whom the services are performed, have the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not the means or methods of accomplishing the result.  REF:  IRS.GOVamp;#160; Please note that Honorariums and Stipends are considered payments for services by the IRS. 

Applicable Documentation:

Independent Contractor Hiring Procedures

Guest Speaker Agreement

  • The Contract for Guest Speaker is utilized for any individual speaking at a UCO venue.

Service Agreement (Individual)

Entertainment Contract 

  • Utilized for larger bands/bigger entertainment venues wherein risk factors are greater and dollar amounts to hire such performers are substantially more.  The Entertainment Contract requires for all correct and accurate paperwork to be clocked into the Purchasing office at minimum, 14 business days prior to the event, and the contract commits to a payment the day of the performance.  If the department does not adhere to the 14 business day requirement and the accuracy of all paperwork, no commitment can be made to pay the performer the day of the performance.   

Service  Agreement (Contractor)

  • Utilized for any service of any kind less than $10,000.00 to even include performers/entertainers of small venues, e.g. students playing musical instruments for graduation. Frequently utilized vendors for some services may have UCO Service Agreements on file for an entire fiscal year and, therefore, may not need to be completed for each project per campus customers.  Campus customers should check the report Vendors Registered As Independent Contractors with service agreements on file before completing a service agreement.

The noted contracts require five business days to process UCO execution of authority.  These days are in addition to the four day processing for purchase orders.  The requestor should complete the form and have the Independent Contractor sign the contract. 

The contract form should be attached to the requisition and submitted to the Purchasing Department by way of front desk processing and date/time clock stamp with a minimum of 9 business days prior to the independent contractor service being performed.  The Purchasing Department will obtain the UCO executor signature once the requisition and all documentation have been reviewed and accepted as complete. 

Any other vendor contracts outside of these approved Independent Contractor forms require a six week processing time. 

Please Note: If the service performed entails an event to be held on University premises, Risk Management must be notified, at minimum 30 (thirty) business days, before the event date.

All contracts between UCO and vendors require for vendors to carry Oklahoma Worker's Compensation and customary insurance.  The Independent Contractor/Vendor agrees to comply with all provisions of the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation laws and maintain such liability insurance as is customary and appropriate in his or her profession or industry.  

If the services are to be performed on University premises, the Independent Contractor/Vendor shall provide, upon request, the University with written proof of workers' compensation and customary and appropriate insurance coverage.


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Individual Membership Dues Payment Policy

The payment of individual UCO employee's membership dues has been determined to be an invalid expenditure.  However, individual 'position' memberships which are transferable are an allowed expenditure.

Payment is authorized by means of purchase order or ProCard. This is in accordance to OMES Statewide Accounting Manual.


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Payment Increases and Encumbrances

UCO Purchasing and Payment Services Department has the authority to increase encumbrance documents, purchase orders and payment amounts up to $25 without the financial manager's authorization. 

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Prepayment of Registration

Registration fees for conferences, meetings, seminars, and similar events will normally be paid by purchase orders.  However, in the following specific situations, advance pre-payments (UCO checks issued before the event date or PCard payment) may be allowed:

Option 1

  1. The organization requires pre-registration along with payment and by standard written policy, will not accept a purchase order.


Option 2 (all three must apply)

  1. A discounted fee is offered if registration is paid in advance (early registration).
  2. If the registered participant cannot attend, someone else may attend in his/her place.
  3. If the conference/event is canceled (as a whole) by the sponsoring organization, the University of Central Oklahoma will receive a 100% refund.

These are in accordance to the OMES Statewide Accounting Manual

Applicable Documentation:

Pre-Payment of Registration Form

UCO Policy states that any UCO employee failing to attend or participate in a pre-paid event or an event obligatory by purchase order shall be personally responsible for the incurred costs of pre-payment.  Request for exemption of this policy should be made in writing to the Executive Vice President and include copies of all related documentation, preferably prior to the event occurrence. 

Violations of this policy may exclude various UCO employees from participating in or requesting pre-paid events.

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Receiving Tangible Items

To assure the entire procurement and payment process flow smoothly, it is imperative for departments to properly document partial receipts and full receipts of products (tangible merchandise). In most circumstances, your purchase (ProCard or purchase order) is delivered to Central Receiving and redistributed to your department by Central Receiving personnel. Your signature for delivery is obtained at this time; however, there are situations involving desktop delivery, and purchases do not deliver through Central Receiving. This can also occur when a department purchases and picks up items locally, when the product arrives by U.S. Mail or desktop delivery allows the product to be delivered directly to your office.  In these situations, no tangible product is processed through Central Receiving and it is mandatory in each scenario the receiver of the department take one of the following actions:

1.  Document the receipt of the product by signing the purchase order copy or signing the packing slip, including the date of receipt, and forwarding to Central Receiving, Campus Box 131.

2.  Document the receipt of the product by signing the purchase order copy or signing the packing slip, including the date of receipt, and emailing to

3.  Document the receipt of the product by signing the purchase order copy or signing the packing slip, including the date of receipt, and faxing to Central Receiving at 974-3867.

There is no action required by Central Receiving for the following types of purchase orders:  Services, Lease/Rentals, Maintenance Agreements, Registration, Hotel Reservations, Memberships.


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References of Authority

Applicable Documentation:


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Reimbursements for UCO Employees, Student Expense Reimbursements (non-travel related expenses)

UCO employees and students may be reimbursed for miscellaneous emergency purchases or purchases approved to not have been processed through the conventional purchasing methods.  The OSF Claim Form 3 must accompany all reimbursement requests.  The form must be completed in entirety to include the following information regarding the reimbursement,  must be notarized before submission to Payment Services and must include evidence of payment (receipts):

  • Brief explanation of the reimbursement
  • Organization number
  • Signature of requestor/claimant and a notary of the signature (bottom, left side of form)
  • Financial manager signature (bottom, right side of form)  Note:  If the requestor/claimant is the financial manager, a higher level of authority signature is required
  • Examples of payment and receipts could include cash payment with an itemized sales receipt, personal check payment with a copy of the front and back of the processed and canceled check and an itemized sales receipt, credit card payment with a copy of the credit card statement and an itemized sales receipt and/or any other payment with an annotation from the merchant indicating the expense was paid and an itemized sales receipt.
  • If a reimbursement is for food expenses, a MERF Form (Meal Expense Request Form) is required with the submission.
  • The expense code for all non-travel related reimbursements to employees is 76113.  There is no established maximum limit on the amount which can be reimbursed, but a reimbursement in excess of $1000.00 per claim must include a written statement of justification for the purchase, explaining the reason for not submitting a requisition to the Purchasing Department for a purchase order to be processed.  This required documentation is in addition to all other documents required for processing reimbursements.


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Software & Technology Purchases

All software purchases must be routed through the Office of Information Technology for approval prior to being submitted on a requisition to the Purchasing Office.  Requests for IT approval should be sent to the UCO Service Desk or via campus mail box 122.  IT approval must be attached to the requisition. 

If a requisition is submitted to Purchasing without IT approval, it will be returned to the respective department.  An exception to this policy is pre-approved IT software.


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Temporary Employees and Non-professional Services


Reference State of Oklahoma contract #SW0132

Supplier Name: DatamanUSA LLC

Contact Person Name: Nidhi Saxena

Title: President


Phone #: 1-720-248-3110 

Supplier Name: InGenesis Innc.

Contact Person Name: Michelle Tarquinio-Roberts


Phone #:  1-210-366-0033

Supplier Name: Premier Staffing Source Inc

Contact Person Name: Paulette Jones-Terrell

Title: Account Manager


Phone #: 1-301-306-0774

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Vehicle Rentals

 When vehicle rentals are purchased with an Individual Travel Card no requisition is needed; however, if not being paid with the Individual Travel Card then a requisition is required. To add vehicle rental information to the requisition, seek the item text portion of your requisition. Add the vehicle text by utilizing the 'modify clause'.  If you need assistance, seek your assigned buyer. 

Fuel cards and Pikepasses are only available with a vehicle rental purchase order in hand.  These can be checked out by coming to the front desk of Room 109 in the Administration Building.


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Vendor Problems

Vendor problems should be reported to the Director of Purchasing by way of the Vendor Performance Quality Report.  It is the responsibility of the University to adequately and fairly document problems and allow for resolve and cure on part of the vendor partner before considering terminating partnerships.  Once the written report is made, the Director of Purchasing will work to resolve problem issues or remove the vendor from campus, if applicable.


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UCO Active Contracts & Awards

View Contracts

E&I Current Contract Listings

Mandatory Contracts

Campus Customers:

Please note there are some contracts that require a quote to show goodwill towards a competitively bid contract or a Vendor partner on campus.  Quotes should always be sought from the Central Print Shop (RK Black). Requisitions without these quotes will be returned to the department for the necessary quotes.

Adobe Software Purchases

which adobe software products are available under the adobe clp for UCO-owned computers?

The complete list of products, pricing, and ordering information is available under the Adobe CLP for UCO-owned computers and can be found by logging in to the UCO Tech Store-Departmental Purchases.

Software purchased under the Adobe CLP agreement will be for university use only.  It will not be made available for work-at-home.  Faculty and staff who wish to purchase personal copies of Adobe and Macromedia software may do so through the Personal Purchases Section of the UCO Tech Store.

how do i order adobe and macromedia products for uco-owned computers?

  1. Consult the Adobe CLP Price List for product price and part number information.
  2. Prepare an online requisition and submit the form to the Purchasing Dept.
  3. Once you receive a purchase order confirmation, contact Technology Support at Service Desk Online with "Adobe Software" in the subject line and include the following information:
  4. Purchase Order Number
  5. List Adobe product(s) ordered and quantity
  6. User Name and location of PC for each software installation
  7. Contact information
  8. Technology Support will then install the software at the desired location.


The University of Central Oklahoma's Office of Information Technology has entered into an agreement with Apple to become an Apple Authorized Campus Store.  To assist the University in meeting its contractual requirements with Apple, a new procedure for UCO purchases of all Apple products and services has been created.  

  1. Central Tech Store will serve as the vendor for all University of Central Oklahoma purchases of Apple products and/or services.  No UCO purchases will be made through other Apple resellers, or Apple Education.
  2. All University purchases will be made with a UCO purchase order with the vendor noted as Central Tech Store.  PCards may be used for Apple purchases with the standard PCard Restrictions applicable. 
  3. Process for UCO purchases of Apple products and services  - Effective July 1, 2010.
  4. See the Central Tech Store for information to help generate a quote.  Attach the quote to the requisition made out to the Central Tech Store and send the paperwork to the Purchasing Department.
  5. AppleCare is required for all University-owned iPads.


To generate quotes for Dell hardware, you will need to have access to the Dell Premier store (  If you do not already have access to our Dell Premier store, contact Abibail Lee via email ( and request UCO 'shopper' access. 

All quotes for Dell equipment should be created via UCO's Dell Premier site; please discontinue use of any alternate means of generating quotes for Dell hardware, as the pricing within UCO's Dell Premier site should be lower than any publicly available pricing at current time. 

If you need help, please contact the Office of Information Technology for assistance. 


Representative: Monica Nichols

Phone #: (405)-600-1351 

The University currently has a contract through ImageNet for Multifunction printers is effective from January 2020 to January 2025.  The contract will enable the campus to have one vendor for all printers, copiers, fax machines with the 5 year lease cost per equipment piece including the lease of the equipment, maintenance and toner.

 If you need toner, call the service phone number located on the HP equipment and offer your name, phone number, building and room number and 5 digit ID number on your piece of equipment which is located on your machine. Toner will be hand delivered to your department within 24 hours of the phone call.  Requesting two toners will allow department to have a spare on hand, and replacements should be ordered when the spare has to be utilized.

If you have questions please feel free to email Charlene Wiles:

Staples Advantage

Account Manager: Ann Marie Caron


Office Phone #: (716) 799-1705

The University currently has a contract through Staples Advantage for all office supplies (both expendable and non-expendable) over $49.  All purchases must be made via the Staples Advantage contract website.  This contract does not allow for office supplies over $49 to be purchased in-store.

The campus-wide contract includes a core item list which has been priced at the greatest discount to the University.  The core items are flagged on the Staples Advantage website which indicates the very best value and cost for UCO.  Minimum order volume is $35.00 with desktop delivery.

Please Note: Copy paper must be ordered from Staples Advantage.

HES (formerly WFF) Custodial**

Vendor ID: WFFFAC (effective 11/29/2022)

HES I WFF Campus Director: Tiara Scott 405-604-1707

UCO Facilities Manager: Sandra Robinson 405-974-5959

Housing & Dining Manager: Scott Hynes 405-974-2376 

NUC Manager: Rick Vega 405-974-2748 

Building Performance Specifications

Custodial Performance Specifications for WFF

Customer Service Report (CSR)


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UCO Approved Vendors

Chartwells Food Service

The University has partnered with Chartwells to be its contracted food service vendor.  Chartwells has been a significant business partner since 1998. 

Over the years, the partnership between Chartwells and UCO has led to a significant financial return to the University, enhanced quality of dining options provided for the campus community, the construction of future dining facilities, and increased direct student support in the form of wages and scholarships. 

The campus-wide contract with Chartwells on the UCO campus is effective July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2034. This contract includes all catering services for the University. 

In an effort to be a strong and collaborative partner, Chartwells has allowed exceptions to the exclusivity as follows:

(1) Student Organization events held in the Nigh University Center have the right to seek other licensed food vendor quotes for food and beverage snack expenditures of less than $300. 

  • Chartwells offers student organizations the convenience of an on-campus catering team and a “No Frills Catering Guide,” which is a student-priced catering menu designed to provide food services for special student events at a minimal cost.

(2) University-sponsored events held outside the Nigh University Center are asked to give Chartwells the opportunity to cater their events, but have the right to seek other licensed food vendors.

(3) External customer events held outside the Nigh University Center are asked to give Chartwells the opportunity to cater their events, but have the right to seek other licensed food vendors.

All other events give Chartwells exclusivity for Catering.  Specifically, Faculty, staff, or external customer events held in the Nigh University Center are included in that exclusivity.

Catering guides and menus can be located on the Events Management website.  The food service contract terms and conditions are applicable to all food, beverage, and catering PCard purchases.  Special quotes or requests are available by contacting Chartwells at (405) 974-2715 or



Cory's Audio Visual

Representative: Elizabeth Newton


Phone #: (405) 682-8800

Effective 4/1/19, UCO has awarded an Audio Video Rental Contract for campus use to Cory's Audio Visual.  This is a multi-year contract with four optional 1-year renewals through 3/31/24. 

When quoting with Cory's Audio Visual with this competitively bid contract, campus customers only need to ask Cory's to quote per RFP 2019P110for rental of audio visual equipment, to include manpower.  The itemized quote and requisition should reflect this contract number. 

This contract does include items such as chairs and stages, as well as the audio video equipment and service.  No additional quotes are needed when utilizing this RFP 2019P110 contract.  


Employee Relocation Movers (OSU Contract)***


Enterprise Rentals

Area Manager: Kendall Konicek

Phone #: (865) 389-8947


Branch Manager: Brittany Burrell-Pierce

Branch Phone #: (405) 844-6700


Assistant Manager: Mason Hess


When renting vehicles from Enterprise, the policy for re-fueling the rental vehicles is to replace what you use.  If the gas tank is only half full when the vehicle is rented, it only needs to be returned with the tank half full.  It the tank is full when rented, it must be returned as such upon returning the vehicle.  Always note the gas level and document it on the rental paperwork before you leave Enterprise. 

Equipment installed on vehicles will not be changed in any way.  Travel hitches or devices for carrying baggage or equipment on the top of rental vehicles are not authorized under this contract. Enterprise's standard procedure is to charge the University for rental from the time the vehicle is rented until the time the vehicle is returned during business hours.  If vehicles are returned in the evening, after Enterprise business hours, UCO will be charged for the next day rental when the rental car can be properly checked in to Enterprise during business hours, with keys in their hands and inventory of the vehicle taken and noted back in their possession.

Please Note: All rentals at Enterprise should use Contract ID XZ51K16.  All UCO Employees renting vehicles for work related purposes must fill out the Risk Management Accident Information form.  Utilize ENTER clause on requisitions for Enterprise rentals.

Applicable Documentation:
Enterprise Example Requisition for Guidance
Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Rates Effective Jan.1,2020
Enterprise Rent-A-Truck - Rates Effective Sept. 15, 2011


Fairfield Inn & Suites (Edmond)

The University has and continues to host many domestic and international speakers, professors, and guest for various programs, seminars, and other business related activities held on campus. When overnight accommodations are needed, it is paramount that safety and comfort of our guest remain foremost when choosing those accommodations.

To ensure a consistent standard and ease of billing the university has partnered with Fairfield Inn & Suites (FAIINN).

Address: 301 Meline Drive, Edmond, OK. 73034

Reservations can be made by calling 405-341-4818 and asking for the “UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA” rate. In the event the front desk tells you the rate is not available, please ask for Amy Jordan or email with your request.

Once your reservation is made, please send the hotel a copy of your Purchase Order.  Reservations without a copy of your Purchase Order will not be checked in.

Other accommodations outside the above mentioned hotel will not be allowed, unless room nights are not available. The normal room night rate is $105 as of October 1, 2019 and will always include an upgrade when availability permits.

To make reservations and ensure conformation of reservations, a Purchase Order number will be required. Those reservations without a purchase order number will not be confirmed.

Please Note: Local hotels are prohibited on a PCard. Should you have any question feel free to contact the Procurement Services offices at 974-3340.


Justice Golf Carts & Utility Vehicles

Specification standards have been established for safety.  The width of any cart purchased may not exceed 58" which allows the carts to fit through the bollards on campus. 

Before any PO is processed, the requester must seek approval from Physical Plant on the golf cart purchase.  Contact Carl Shortt at cshortt@uco.edufor written approval to be attached to the requisition. 

If the requisition does not have this approval, the requisition will be returned to the requester. 

Applicable Documentation:
Justice Golf Cart Pricing
2 Passenger Golf Cart Approved Specifications
4 Passenger Golf Cart Approved Specifications
6 Passenger Golf Cart Approved Specifications


Schendel Pest Services

Nov. 1, 2010, pest control service was awarded to Schendel Pest Services.  Any concerns regarding pest control on campus should be handled through a Physical Plant work order. 


The Meadows

Document destruction services are available locally from The Meadows Center for Opportunity, which is a State Use Vendor.  The Meadows is a non-profit sheltered workshop that provides persons with developmental disabilities the opportunity to work, socialize and focus on a positive future. PCards are an accepted form of payment. 

For any other information, visit their website.


UCO Branding & Licensing Standards

Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC)

Representative: Will Sahlie

Phone: 334-467-0025

UCO has teamed with Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to establish a licensing program for UCO-approved logo use on products such as advertisements, t-shirts, and promotional products.
Please note: Materials print-wise produced from the office of University Communications (or other areas on campus) are not subject to approval through CLC.
View a complete list of licensed vendors. If the vendor intended for use is not listed, please contact our CLC representative.


Contracted T-Shirt Vendors

RFP# 2018P110  4-16-18 to 4/15/23. Extension 4/16/23-4/15/24

 Club Colors


Contact: David Ipjian,

Phone: 847-592-6182

T3 Promotions


Contact: Will Lamb or David Harlow,

Phone: 405-537-4739



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