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Physical Plant

Physical Plant is comprised of 10 teams that support UCO's campus, buildings, special events, and activities. Services include both regular scheduled maintenance and requests placed through the FAMIS Work Order system by building captains for services like event setup and cleanup, banner hanging, area marking, electrical support, trash disposal, and more.


The Carpentry team assists in the maintenance of UCO's buildings and grounds.  The following is a sample of tasks that are regularly assigned to the department:

  • Small repairs to cement, brick and other building veneers
  • Repairs to fences and exterior walls
  • Doors and windows maintenance assistance
  • Ceilings installation and maintenance
  • Assisting in maintaining the sports fields
  • Repairs to some furnishings

Custodial - WFF

UCO contracts with WFF Facility Services for the professional cleaning of campus buildings. They are responsible for the care of educational, administrative, and residential facilities on a regular cleaning schedule. Concerns in regards to custodial services should be reported to Physical Plant using the Customer Service Report Form.



The Electrical team is responsible for maintaining:

  • Lighting and power sources in E&G buildings
  • Lighting and power sources in non-E&G buildings when needed
  • Installing new and additional electrical work, remodeling, etc.
  • Marking underground electrical lines on campus for OKIE
  • Responding to elevator shutdowns, fire/safety, and clock systems
  • Performing electrical connections for special events
  • Maintaining campus parking lots and sidewalk lighting
  • Responding to campus power outages and assisting the electrical utility company when necessary.



UCO contracts with Johnson Control, Inc. for all routine and preventive maintenance and repairs on campus heating, ventilation and air conditioning system on the UCO campus. HVAC services on campus may include:

  • Maintaining a variety of heating and air conditioning systems throughout campus, including chillers, boilers, fan coil units, and unit heaters;
  • Maintaining building exhaust systems throughout campus, excluding smoke purge; and,
  • Responding to calls relating to heating and air conditioning concerns.

Landscaping and Grounds

The Landscape Maintenance team is responsible for:

Material Services

The Material Services team is responsible for:


Motor Pool

In our continuing commitment to be a "green campus," Facilities Management has reduced our fleet and as a result, no longer has vehicles to loan.  We will continue to have a limited number of golf carts available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Golf carts can only be used by UCO faculty/staff and may be reserved by submitting a service request. Risk Management requires training before the use of golf carts on campus is permitted.

Checkout Procedure: Golf CartGOLF CART TRAINING MODULE

The Motor Pool team provides maintenance support for the service and repair of the following machinery and equipment on campus:

  • All licensed road vehicles including heavy trucks and vans
  • All non-licensed heavy and light off-road diesel and electric equipment including backhoes, tractors, forklifts, mowers and golf carts
  • Designated university emergency generator units, compressors, and welders, stationary and mobile
  • Small gas and electrical equipment including generators, pressure washers, chain saws as well as lifting equipment

Additionally, Motor Pool also operates and maintains a fuel site for university-owned vehicles and submits required monthly maintenance reports to the State of Oklahoma Department of Central Services.

Fuel Control Access Key Form


The Paint team is responsible for:

  • Painting walls, floors, ceilings, handrails, door jambs, and fire lanes  
  • Repairing damages to sheetrock and plaster
  • Striping the soccer field and Plunkett Park
  • Refinishing and staining selected items
  • Inspecting campus buildings for damages and scuffed walls


The Plumbing team is responsible for:
  • Sewer Services - Unclog and repair piping and fixtures
  • Natural Gas - Repair and maintain piping
  • Domestic Water - Repair or replace piping, sinks, faucets, backflow devices, hot water heaters, circulating pumps, hydrants, and drinking fountains
  • Storm Water - Maintain, repair, or replace piping, drains, and sump pumps
  • Irrigation - Maintain and repair piping, rotors, sprays, zones, and controls
  • Welding - Repair minor steel, aluminum, stainless steel and cast

Setup and Recycling

The Setup and Recycling team is responsible for: