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Inventory and Receiving

As the team in charge of the organization and maintenance of inventory records for the university, Inventory Control conducts the annual property and equipment inventory verification of all university-owned property. This is facilitated through the tagging and documentation of all property and equipment meeting the state threshold requirement of $2,500. These items will be tracked via an inventory tag and logged in the university's fixed asset inventory control system.

All property transfers between UCO departments and to other Oklahoma public entities must be tracked for state inventory purposes. For property transfers between UCO departments, please complete the Transfer of UCO Property form. For property transfers or donations to other Oklahoma public entities, please contact Dawn Kaiser for assistance. 


Gift/Donation Guidelines

Guidelines for accepting a gift to the university


Gift/Donation Agreement

Used to report tangible gifts or donations to the university


Transfer of UCO Property

Used for property transfer between UCO departments


Asset Retirement

Used when assets are lost, traded in, stolen, or destroyed