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The three narthex windows and the wood carving represent the Scripture 'I am the vine; ye are the branches.' Christ stands in the large central panel - the vine. The robed figures in the side panels represent the typical young man and woman of Central State College at worship - the branches.

In the left window is the figure of a young woman carrying the role of modern womanhood and representing the YWCA. Her mother dedicated the window to Miss Ruby Canton, an early-day librarian at Central, represented by the book in the hands of the figure.

The model for Christ, in the middle window, was Pvt. Meyer Abrahamson, a member of the first group of Army Air Forces Training Detachment on campus in the spring of 1942. The window was dedicated by Mrs. Angie Lynch Butcher to her husband, Mr. John T. Butcher, a member of Central's faculty from 1928 to 1941, and known as 'a friend of Man.'

The right-hand window was dedicated by friends and the Rev. and Mrs. E. N. Comfort to their son, Mr. Hugh Comfort, a member of the English faculty from 1936 - 1938. The words' Live Today,' portrayed on the window were found inscribed on the flyleaf of Hugh Comfort's Bible.

The lead line follows the arch line from the female figure to the point of the arch above Christ's head. Likewise, the eye is also carried upward from the man's bowed head in the right window to the halo above Christ's head.

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Narthex Window of Y-Chapel