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The double front doors of the Chapel are dedicated by Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Clegern to their two mothers, Mrs. Hattie Hagenbaugh Clegern and Mrs. Frances Ella Tillman McLauchlin (wife of Dr. James McLauchlin, President of Central State College from 1908 to 1911). 

The window on the left as exiting represents Mrs. McLauchlin's favorite hymn, 'Jesus Lover of My Soul.' Tossing waves and bolts of lightning suggest the storm of life, while high above, the hand of Christ stretches forth. In the sections between the three rays are pomegranates, the traditional symbol of the resurrection.

Mrs. Clegern's favorite hymn, 'Bringing in the Sheaves,' is represented in the right exiting window. The theme of the song is sowing and reaping for the Master, represented by the hand gathering heads of wheat. From the clouds appears the Sun of Righteousness, bearing the monogram IHC - the first three letters of the Greek word for Jesus.

Taken together, the windows of the Doors of the Two Mothers also demonstrate 'God's care in tempest and sunshine.' Included are the colors of all of the races of mankind - white, black, red, brown, and yellow.

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