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The Rose Window was a gift from Edmond's Chapter D of the P.E.O. Sisterhood to serve as a memorial to previous members. The hymn, 'Blest Be The Tie That Binds,' was used by the Sisterhood before the adoption of the official 'P.E.O. Ode.'

While most rose windows are merely beautiful geometrical arrangements of colored glass, the Y-Chapel Rose Window, with its 823 pieces of glass, has considerable meaning. The red triangle of the YMCA interlocks with the blue triangle of the YWCA to form the six-pointed Star of David; a cross lies within the star in greenish-yellow glass, completing representation of the Old and New Testaments as portrayed in the hymn. Two cherubim flank the central square, wings raised protectively above the arms of the cross. The conventionalized Greek letters near their feet represent Christ - the Alpha and the Omega. The broad border, consisting of stylized grapes and leaves, is broken by four doves, each individually designed. 

Students involved with this window were Ray Gilliland, Mary Moran, Mary Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Carlson, Ruth Russell, Frances Walker, Patricia Chaney, and Kathy Westmoreland. Virginia Smith completed firing.

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Rose Window of the Y-Chapel