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The windows on the north side of the sanctuary constitute a complete life cycle: Infancy, Childhood, Marriage, Maturity, and Immortality, and are all represented by female figures.

The Window of Infancy, otherwise known as the Christmas Window because it illustrates the hymn 'We Three Kings of Orient Are,' was dedicated to Mrs. George Gray by her daughter Mrs. Mary Gray Thompson. It is one of two windows in which two significant figures are incorporated. The 'light travel' was given special attention, as it travels up the Infant's robes, across the Madonna's hands, to the face of the Infant.  

'My Mother's Bible' is the song represented in the Window of Childhood. This window also includes two significant figures, a mother relating stories of the Bible to a small girl at her side. The window was dedicated to the Reverend and Mrs. H. Warner Newby by their children.  

The Bride's Window, or the Window of Marriage, was designed to illustrate Furber and Adams' 'The Bells of Saint Mary's.' Dr. John O. Moseley, Central State's 13th President, presented the window as a 21st anniversary present to his bride, Mrs. Marie Nichols Moseley.   

The Window of Maturity illustrates 'Lead Kindly Light,' the favorite song of the honoree, Dean Otto W. Jeffries, and was given by his wife. It is also called the Window of Prayer, as represented by the uplifted hands and the light streaming down from above.   

The Window of Immortality was dedicated by Mrs. J. G. Smith to her husband, an Eighty-niner who worked for the College from 1908 until 1932. Also called the 'Easter Window,' it was designed to celebrate the Resurrection rather than the Crucifixion and to emphasize the joyous side of religion, in deference to the youthful congregation.

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