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The  Bursar helps students to understand tuition and fee bills, how to make payments, as well as various payment options, and the process to obtain refunds.




Students with past-due balances exceeding:

  • $999.99 may not enroll in classes
  • $49.99 may not print or send transcripts

Balances lasting longer than one semester are sent to a collection agent. When an account is turned over to a collection agent, a servicing fee of up to 1/3 of the original charge will be charged to the account holder. Additionally, in January of each year, all receivables are reported to the Oklahoma State Tax Commission. State tax returns may be captured and applied to outstanding balances.

Tax Information- 1098T

To access your Form 1098T

  1. Log in to UCONNECT
  2. Select the My Finances Tab
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Tax Notification
  4. Select View your 1098-T, Tuition Statement

If you no longer have access to UCONNECT, you can access your 1098T through ECSI,

Please keep in mind that we will only issue a 1098T if your educational expenses were greater than your aid for that fiscal year. The information provided here is NOT tax advice. 


Refunds through TouchNet

A refund is any money the University of Central Oklahoma owes you.

Common reasons to receive a refund include:

  • Financial Aid overages from student loans
  • Dropped classes
  • Tuition overpayment  

How are refunds handled at the University of Central Oklahoma?

The University of Central Oklahoma has partnered with TouchNet to provide disbursement services for financial aid and tuition refunds.  To select a Refund Delivery Method:

  1. Log in to UCONNECT
  2. Go to My Finances Tab
  3. Go to TouchNet
  4. As soon as you get to the TouchNet site, you will be prompted to Choose Your Refund Delivery Method
  5. There is just one choice, "Direct Deposit to Your Existing Checking or Savings Bank Account"
  6. If you do not have an existing bank account, UCO partners with MidFirst to offer the Broncho Checking Account
  7. There will be a $10 charge assessed to your Bursar Account if you have a refund voided and reissued