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How much do I owe?

To find out your current balance, log in to UCONNECT and select the My Finances tab.

Ways to Pay


Payments can not be made over the phone. 

There are five ways to make a payment: 

1. UCONNECT — Go to the My Finances Tab. Select Pay with TouchNet.
  • By electronic check. Enter your bank’s routing and your account number to pay from your checking or savings account without incurring a service fee.
  • By credit or debit card. This option charges a non-refundable 2.85% convenience fee. If you have a debit card, we encourage you to use the first option of paying with an electronic check.

2. Via Authorized User —The Authorized User is a third-party person to which the student can give access in TouchNet. The Authorized User can make payments, set up payment plans, and view account details such as credits and charges. 

3. International wire transfer

4. In person — Bursar’s Office (Nigh University Center, first floor, room 134) - with cash, check, cashier's check, money order or PIN Debit.

5. By mail — All payments by mail must be received in the office by 5 p.m. to meet the deadline. The mailing address is University of Central Oklahoma, Bursar's Office, 100 N. University Drive, Box 107, Edmond, OK 73034-5209

Make checks payable to University of Central Oklahoma.

For those who cannot pay their entire balance before classes begin, a payment plan also is available. 

Payment Plan

Payment Plans are a way to break up your balance into manageable payments and avoid paying interest.  We offer multiple plans to make payments throughout the semester.  To enroll in a Payment Plan:

1. Log in to UCONNECT

2. Go to My Finances Tab

3. Select Access TouchNet

4. Once in TouchNet, select Enroll in Payment Plan.  You will then walk through several steps to get enrolled in the plan.

There is a $40 setup fee.  If you make your payments by the due date, there are no other fees or interest.

Making Payments from a 529 Savings Plan

Payments that are submitted by 529 savings plans, 529 prepaid tuition's or a family trust should be mailed directly to the university at the University of Central Oklahoma, Bursar's Office, 100 N. University Drive, Box 107, Edmond, OK 73034-5209.

Be sure to contact the investment group or financial advisor responsible for initiating payments to inform them of the university’s tuition due date. Always include the student’s full student ID number on the check. If a 529 program, trust fund or other third-party payer needs to be billed directly from the university (and cannot accept the bill in the student’s name), please send the letter of authorization to the address above prior to the tuition due date.

The Bursar will place the authorized credit on the student’s account and bill the organization directly. Please note the student is ultimately responsible for ensuring that payment is received on time (late and finance charges will be assessed to the student if payment is received late).

More information on Oklahoma's College Savings Plan.

Deadlines (Tuition and Late Fees)

Fall  2023                                                                          

  • Fee Payment Due Date for All Courses(16 Week, Block I and II): Aug. 18
  • First Day for Late Payment Plan Enrollment Fee of $40: Sept. 2
  • Last Day for 100% Refund Complete Withdrawals: Sept. 1

Spring 2024

  • Fee Payment Due Date for All Courses (16 Week, Block I and II): Jan. 12
  • First Day for Late Payment Plan Enrollment Fee of $40: Jan. 27
  • Last Day for 100% Refund Complete Withdrawals: Jan. 26

Summer 2024

  • Fee Payment Due Date for All Courses (8 Week, Block I and II): May 24
  • First Day for Late Payment Plan Enrollment Fee of $40: June 6
  • Last Day for 100% Refund Complete Withdrawals: June 5

Third-Party Proxy Access to Payments

Third-Party Proxy Access lets the student create accounts for parents, spouses, employers, etc., that allow them to view the student's UCO information. Information accessed can include student records for the financial account, financial aid, registration, transcript, grades and other personal information, either online or when the third-party proxy is talking to UCO by phone.

  1. The student will log in to TouchNet through UCONNECT.
  2. Find the My Finances page to access TouchNet. 
  3. Select the Authorized User tab in TouchNet.
  4. Enter email address of Authorized User.
  5. Select what access to grant to Authorized User.