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Once you are accepted to the Jackson College of Graduate Studies, your graduate program advisor is available to assist you with your plan of study and enrollment needs throughout your graduate college journey.  Below is a comprehensive list of graduate program advisors by college.

Graduate Program Advisors

College of Business

  • M.B.A.
  • M.B.A. — Healthcare
  • M.B.A. — Sales Leadership

Sophia Kuschel

  • Business Analytics, M.S.
  • Certificate in Enterprise Analytics
  • Professional M.B.A. - Exclusively Online
  • M.B.A. Managing Analytics
  • Finance, M.S.

College of Education and Professional Studies

Carlie Wellington, Assistant Director of CEPS Graduate Enrollment

Michelle Johnson, Ph.D.

  • Adult and Higher Education — Interdisciplinary Studies, M.Ed.
  • Adult and Higher Education — Lifelong and E-learning, M.Ed.
  • Adult and Higher Education — Talent Development, M.Ed.
  • Certificate in E-Learning

Ed Cunliff, Ph.D.

  • Adult and Higher Education – Higher Education Leadership, M.Ed.
  • Certificate in Higher Education Leadership – Program Management

April Haulman, Ph.D. and Angela Mooney, Ph.D.

  • Bilingual Education / TESOL, M.Ed.

Jill Davis, Ph.D.

  • Curriculum and Instruction, M.Ed.
  • Certificate in Teaching and Learning PreK-6

Barb Carter, Ed. D.

  • Early Childhood Education, M.Ed.

Dawn Pearce, Ph.D.

  • Educational Leadership, M.Ed.  
Michelle Robertson, Ph.D.
  •  Library Media Education, M.Ed. — Exclusively Online

Julie Collins, Ph.D.

  • Reading, M.Ed. 

Lea Ann Garcia, Ph.D.

  • School Counseling, M.Ed.
  • School and Professional Counseling, M.Ed.
  • Certificate in Licensed Professional Counseling 

Karis Barnett, Ph.D.

  • Secondary Education, M.Ed. 

Mansur Choudry, Ph.D.

  • Special Education — Mild Moderate, M.Ed.
  • Special Education — Severe/Profound, M.Ed.

Scott Singleton, DPSY

  • Behavior Analysis, M.S. 

Caleb Lack, Ph.D.

  • Counseling Psychology, M.A.

Mickie  Vanhoy, Ph.D.

  •  Psychology — Experimental Psychology, M.S.

Alicia Limke, Ph.D.

  • Psychology — Forensic Psychology, M.S.

Jaclyn Maass, Ph.D.

  •  Psychology — Psychology General, M.S.

Megan Purdum Larson, Ph.D.

  • School Psychology, Ed.S. 

Ed Sunderland

  •  Athletic Training, M.A.T.

J. Sunshine Cowan, Ph.D.

  • Public Health - Community Engagement, M.P.H.

Brandon Burr, Ph.D.

  • Family and Child Studies, M.S. (all majors)

Tawni Holmes, Ph.D.

  • Nutrition and Food Science, M.S.

Katy Soper

  •  Dietetic Internship

Kanika Bhargava, Ph.D.

  • Certificate in Food Quality and Safety — Exclusively Online

Linda Sealey, Ph. D.

  • Speech-Language Pathology, M.S. 

Jacilyn Olson, Ph.D.

  • Wellness Management — Exercise Science, M.S.

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College of Fine Arts and Design

Adrienne Wright, M.F.A.

  • Design, M.F.A.
  • Illustration, M.F.A.

Brian Gorrell

  • Jazz Studies, M.M.

Sam Magrill, Ph.D.

  • Music, M.M. (all majors)
  • Certificate in Historical Performance

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College of Liberal Arts

J. Keith Killian, D.O.

  • Addictions Counseling, M.A.

Laura Dumin, Ph.D.

  • Composition and Rhetoric, M.A.

Toby Wray, Ph.D.

  • Creative Writing, M.A.

Shawna Cleary, Ph.D.

  • Crime and Intelligence Analysis, M.A.
  • Criminal Justice Management and Administration, M.A.

Karel Kalaw, Ph.D.

  • Gerontology, M.A.

Andrew Magnusson, Ph.D.

  • History, M.A.
  • Museum Studies, M.A.

Margaret Musgrove, Ph.D.

  • Liberal Studies, M.A.

Kate Huber, Ph.D.

  • Literature, M.A.

John Hitz, Ph.D.

  • TESL, M.A.

Jan Hardt, Ph.D.

  • Political Science — General, M.A.
  • Political Science — International Affairs, M.A.
  • Public Administration — Public and Nonprofit, M.P.A.
  • Public Administration — Urban Management, M.P.A.

Alyssa Provencio, Ph.D.

  • Certificate in Disaster Management 

Sherri Johnson, Ed.D.

  • Strategic Communications – Leadership in Communications, M.A. - Exclusively Online

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 College of Mathematics and Science

Myung-Ah Park, Ph.D.

  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, (M.S.)
  • Data Science, (M.S.)
  • Computer Science, (M.S.)

Brittany Bannish, Ph.D.

  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, (M.S.)
  • Applied Mathematical Science - Mathematics, (M.S.)
  • Applied Mathematical Science - Statistics, (M.S.)
  • Applied Mathematical Science - Teaching, (M.S.)
  • Data Science, (M.S.)

Paul Stone, Ph.D.

  • Biology, (M.S.)

 Sezin Kadioglu, Ph.D.

  • Computational Science-Computational Engineering (P.S.M.)
  • Computational Science-Computational Mathematics (P.S.M.)
  • Computational Science-Computer Science (P.S.M.)


Yuhao Jiang, Ph.D.

  • Engineering Physics - Biomedical Engineering, (M.S.)
  • Engineering Physics - Electrical Engineering, (M.S.)
  • Engineering Physics - Mechanical Engineering, (M.S.)
  • Engineering Physics - Physics, (M.S.)

Leann Laubach, Ph.D.

  • Nursing, (M.S.) — Exclusively Online

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Forensic Science Institute

John Mabry, J.D.

  • FSI — Chemistry, M.S.
  • FSI — Digital Forensics, M.S.
  • FSI — Forensic Science, M.S. 
  • FSI — Molecular Biology, M.S.

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Non-Degree Seeking

Swansea@UCO Ph.D. Program