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About Us

Established in 1954, the Jackson College of Graduate Studies provides oversight of curriculum, policies, programming, recruitment, marketing, and retention efforts for graduate studies at UCO. Reporting to the provost and working with leadership across disciplinary colleges and university units, the graduate dean leads the JCGS and its staff as well as serves as chair of the graduate council.


Our Mission

The Jackson College of Graduate Studies provides access to graduate education for culturally-diverse students locally, nationally, and internationally, while supporting UCO’s mission of transformative learning through processes that maintain and enhance quality.


About a UCO Graduate Degree

At UCO, a graduate degree signifies that its recipient possesses the disciplinary knowledge, analytical skills, and mature judgment of an advanced professional and a well-educated person. Graduate degree completion brings the satisfaction of in-depth mastery of a chosen field and the confidence needed for the discovery and application of that new knowledge.