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Important Update:

Effective Monday, May 24, 2021, UCO will no longer mandate the use of masks or social distancing. Those who have not been vaccinated should continue to wear a mask to protect themselves and others. Those who have been vaccinated may continue to voluntarily wear a mask if they choose.

Important resources: COVID-19 Testing | Report Exposure/Positive Test | Vaccine Information | COVID-19 Vaccination Self-ReportingVirtual Services | COVID-19 Website 

The Forensic Science Capstone is a program requirement for all Forensic Science students, and is to be taken within a student’s final year before graduating. The following Capstone process, requirements, and deadlines apply to ALL Capstone options:

  • FRSC 4900 Practicum in Forensic Science 
  • FRSC 4950 Internship in Forensic Science 
  • FRSC 4930 Individual Study in Forensic Science
  • FRSC 4940 Field Wildlife Forensic Science 

Capstone Application Deadlines

  • September 7th for Spring
  • February 7th for Summer and Fall

Late applications will not be accepted. Students who miss the deadline must wait until the next deadline to apply. 

The Forensic Science Advisor will begin taking capstone application appointments about a month before the deadline.

Capstone Eligibility Checklist

  • Completed (or will have completed) the following courses before taking the Capstone:
    • FRSC 2503 Intro to Forensic Science
    • FRSC 3043 Crime Scene Processing
    • FRSC 3123 Criminal Procedure
    • FRSC 4253 Forensic Science Analysis & Lab
    • Most, if not all, Forensic Science electives
  • Meet all GPA and graduation requirements for both degrees.
  • Must be nearing end of both degree programs (within 1-2 semesters of graduation).

Capstone Process

  • The capstone application must be submitted before your appointment. 
  • Students must meet with the Forensic Science Advisor before the deadline to receive a degree check, transcripts, and to ensure your FRSC Capstone application has been properly completed - by appointment only. 
  • After the deadline, applications will be reviewed and students placed according to their preferences, GPA, primary degree, and Forensic electives.  
  • Students will be notified via their UCO email of their placement shortly after the deadline, and be given permission to enroll in the appropriate corresponding Capstone course. 
  • Capstone applications do not roll over to the next semester. Students who apply for Capstone and are placed, but fail to enroll themselves in the correct course or choose to complete it at a later time, must reapply before the next Capstone deadline. 
  • All FRSC Capstone options will have their own syllabus with assignments and require a comprehensive exam that covers FRSC 2503, 3043, 3123, and 4253. 

 Capstone ApplicationSUBMIT APPLICATION


CAPSTONE FAQsAppointments

FRSC 4900: Practicum in Forensic Science

The Forensic Science Practicum (3 hours) is an off-campus internship opportunity that requires students to complete 120 hours at a Practicum site. Most sites require additional paperwork, such as agency-specific applications, background checks, polygraphs, etc. Students will develop a work schedule with their assigned supervisor and each site will have their own specific requirements. All Practicum students will receive a syllabus with assignments are required to take a comprehensive exam at the end of the semester. 

Practicum placements are limited and therefore very competitive. Students who apply for an off-campus site but are not placed will be reserved a seat in the FRSC 4950 Internship class as long as they apply before the deadline.

More information about specific Practicum sites and their eligibility requirements can be found on our Capstone FAQ.

Potential Practicum sites:

  • UCO Cold Case Unit
  • OSBI Forensic Science Center
  • ARL Laboratory, Oklahoma City
  • DNA Solutions, Oklahoma City
  • Oklahoma City Police Department, Laboratory
  • Oklahoma City Police Department, Crime Scene
  • Norman Police Department
  • Edmond Police Department, Tech Inv Unit
  • Edmond Police Department, Digital Lab
  • AT&T Digital Forensics Laboratory
  • Rape Crisis Center, YWCA, Oklahoma City
  • Student Conduct Office, UCO
  • Bell & Rhodes Accounting
  • Kansas Bureau of Investigation (Special Summer deadline: January 28th)
  • FAA Bioaeronautical Research Laboratory
  • Midwest City Police Department Crime Lab
  • Oklahoma Innocence Project
  • Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Department of Corrections in Oklahoma City (DOC)
photo of two women standing in front of a Medical Examiner vehicle

FRSC 4950: Internship in Forensic Science

The Internship in Forensic Science (3 hours) is an on-campus Capstone option that will explore and validate the skills acquired by students over the course of their forensic science training. Each student’s experience will vary based on their area of interest as they proceed through the entire investigative process. Activities may include:

  • Drafting and executing a search warrant at a mock scene
  • Processing and collecting evidence at a mock scene
  • Performing the requested laboratory analyses for evidence collected
  • Drafting laboratory reports summarizing findings of laboratory analyses
  • Testifying as an expert witness of evidence collection and analysis in a Moot Court

All Internship course students will receive a syllabus with assignments and be required to take a comprehensive exam at the end of the semester.

FRSC 4930: Individual Study in Forensic Science 

The Individual Study in Forensic Science (3 hours) involves a field or research experience in a study selected by the student and a supervising instructor. Students must meet with a prospective instructor prior to completing the Individual Study application to discuss an appropriate project and obtain his or her permission. 

Capstone students must complete both the Capstone and Individual Study applications, and meet all Capstone eligibility requirements and deadlines. Specific course requirements will be determined by the instructor, but all Capstone students are still required to take the comprehensive exam. 

If using FRSC 4930 as an elective, students need only complete the Individual Study application and return it to their supervising instructor by November 15th for Spring or April 15th for Summer or Fall. Cannot be used for both an elective and Capstone.

Individual Study Application 

photo of uco FSI graduate Jolee Suddock

Marine Crime Scene Processing

FRSC 4940: Field Wildlife Forensic Science

The Field Wildlife Forensic Science course (3 hours) is a unique and exciting opportunity for students interested in maritime forensic science, wildlife pathology and conservation to explore new career paths and apply their forensic science skills in an oceanic environment.

Capstone students must complete both the FRSC Capstone and Field Wildlife Forensic course applications, and meet all Capstone eligibility requirements and deadlines. Students will receive a syllabus with assignments and be required to take the comprehensive exam at the end of the semester. 

Field Wildlife course applications are due February 11, 2020.

For more information about additional course fees, dates and deadlines, please visit the Field Wildlife Forensic Science page.

Field Wildlife Forensic Science Application

Student Capstone Reflections

FSI Capstone Reflections