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Oklahoma High School Football State Championship Games:
UCO welcomes Oklahoma high school football state championship teams and fans to our campus for the 2022 OSSAA high school football championship games, Dec. 1-10. Visit the Championship Central website for more info.

Forensic Science Institute

Mission Statement

The Forensic Science Institute is devoted to providing a world-class academic experience to all students, through a unique multidisciplinary program. The Institute is a comprehensive training and research organization in all aspects of evidence collection, preservation, analysis, reporting, and testimony. Our mission is to provide the best educational, research, and professional training opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students and practicing professionals.

photo of a student analyzing forensic print data

Just Science · Just Digital Forensics Program Development And Outlook

FEPAC Accredited

The Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science - Chemistry, Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science - Molecular Biology, Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science - Digital Forensics, and  Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science - Forensic Investigations degrees are accredited by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission.

FSI Mosaic