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Important Update:

Consistent with revised CDC guidance, vaccinated individuals are recommended to wear a mask when in public indoor spaces where COVID-19 virus transmission is considered substantial or high. Oklahoma County is currently listed as an area of high transmission by the CDC. The CDC further recommends that unvaccinated individuals continue to wear a mask when around others indoors, regardless of their area’s rate of transmission. 

COVID-19 Resources: COVID-19 Testing | Report Exposure/Positive Test | Vaccine Information | COVID-19 Vaccination Self-ReportingCOVID-19 Website 

Class Instruction Plan

  • The number of seats available in all in-person classes will be reduced to allow for physical distancing. Additionally, spaces in facilities such as the Nigh University Center will be used for classes to accommodate distancing;
  • Many classes that are being offered in-person will also have an extended classroom with virtual seats. Students who enroll in this section will join the in-person class remotely at the scheduled class time via a livestream. There is no additional fee for those who enroll for a seat in the extended classroom.
  • The university continues to offer fully-developed 100% online classes that provide additional flexibility and convenience for accessing course work at times that are ideal for the student; and,
  • As previously announced, in-person classroom instruction will wrap up by Thanksgiving Break and Fall Break will be eliminated. Class activities for the university’s quiet week (Nov. 30-Dec. 4) and finals week (Dec. 7-11) will be conducted virtually. This is to help mitigate a projected spike in the virus with the onset of cold and flu season and to help prevent the spread of the virus by reducing the time people are around each other after Thanksgiving travel.
Extended Classroom Information 

Spring 2021 Semester Schedule

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the university calendar for the spring 2021 semester will include the following one-time changes:

  • Winter Break will be extended by one week.
  • Spring 2021 classes will begin Tuesday, Jan. 19.
  • Faculty and staff will receive an additional week of paid leave from Jan. 4-8. Staff will report back to work Jan. 11.
  • Spring Break, scheduled for March 15-19, will be eliminated from the spring 2021 semester schedule. Students and faculty will continue classes according to their regular schedule this week.
    Staff will report to work as scheduled.

Classroom Procedures

Faculty and Students 

While inside a classroom, all students and faculty and are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Face masks will be required in classrooms, hallways and public spaces, both inside buildings and outdoors,  in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance. The university will provide every student a UCO-branded cloth mask at the beginning of the semester and will have a limited supply of disposable masks available if a personal cloth mask is forgotten;
  • Students and faculty should minimize what they bring to class, only bringing what is needed;
  • Students and faculty should use hand sanitizer, provided near the doorway, as they enter and exit the classroom;
  • To maintain physical distancing within the classroom, seating will be arranged to allow for six feet between each individual. Seating and equipment not being used will be marked; and, Faculty and students should maintain the furniture arrangement during class;
  • To maintain physical distancing within the classroom, seating will be arranged to allow for six feet between each individual; and,
  • During lab and group activities, students and faculty should use face shields, in addition to the required masks, wear gloves, limit or avoid the sharing of items, and maintain physical distance as much as possible.
  • You are encouraged to only bring what you need to class. There is no universitywide policy prohibiting food and drink in classrooms, but individual professors may set their own standards. We recommend not bringing food to class since eating requires the removal of a face mask. Drinks are easier to sip quickly with a raise/lowering of your mask. You can eat in the food court, other campus dining locations or outside and lower your mask to eat.


While inside a classroom, all students are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Students should enter the building, where class is being held, five minutes before class and enter the classroom a minute or two before class. This allows additional time for air to circulate the room and reduces the number of people that are in classrooms and hallways at the same time; and,
  • Students should disinfect desktops with disposable wipes before using.
  • Students will be asked to sit in the same seat each day to assist with contact tracing, should it be necessary.


While inside a classroom, faculty are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Faculty should arrive early to assist with and ensure guidelines are followed;
  • Before and after each class, faculty should disinfect the kiosk/lectern/podium and any equipment or tools used, including computer surfaces and markers ;
  • In classrooms with two doors, faculty will designate one door as the entrance and one as the exit;
  • If a student arrives without a mask on, faculty should first ask the student to put on their mask. If they do not have a mask, they should be sent to get one;
  • At the start of the semester, faculty should create a seating chart and track attendance each class session in order to facilitate contact tracing. The seating chart can be created based on where students sit on the first day of class; and,
  • During class, faculty should provide materials digitally, when possible, including syllabi; minimize hard copies/materials that are distributed, used and collected; and, practice good hand hygiene after picking up papers as necessary.