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At-home learning can be a challenge for any caregiver. The UCO Virtual Learning Toolkit connects parents and guardians to educators who have specialized knowledge and years of in-classroom experience. Central has a long tradition of educating our state's teachers. This toolkit is an extension of that proud history. 

The toolkit library of videos and resources will continue to grow, so bookmark this page for new content. You can also sign up to receive updates in your inbox.

Science Everywhere!

Professor: Daniel Vincent, Ph.D presenting Science Everywhere!

Science is a critical part of a student’s elementary education. The video will include general recommendations on ways caregivers can interact with their kids and include sample tasks to engage kid’s curiosity and get them thinking scientifically.

Science Everywhere Info

Everyday Enrichment

Professor Judith Lashley, Ph.D.  presenting Everyday Enrichment: Encouraging Active Learning Experiences

Everyday Enrichment provides caregivers with helpful, “user-friendly” tips and ideas for how to discuss, demonstrate and do curriculum and extracurricular enrichment experiences that will build and enhance their child’s critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity.

Everyday Enrichment Info

Reading with Your Children

Professor presenting Reading With Your Children

This video will provide suggestions for parents to encourage reading and writing at home. These suggestions go beyond school assignments by sharing reading and writing with their children.

Reading with Children Info

Multi-Age Reading

Professor Julie Collins, Ph.D.

This video provides suggestions for helping your child with words that they do not know while reading. When your child comes across a challenging word it’s tempting to simply tell them the word, but a critical skill for all young readers is learning how to breakdown new words on their own.

Multi-Age Reading Info

Keeping Kids Active Today

professor with word improved self -regulation

You will learn the benefits of physical activity (for both you and your children) and gain a better understanding of why physically active kids are better learners.

Keeping Kids Active Info

Apoyando a sus Hijos

Professor Regina Lopez, Ph.D.

Este video son consejos de una psicóloga sobre cómo ayudar a nuestros hijos a confrontar las diversas emociones que pueden estar afectándolos actualmente. Son seis maneras en que padres y madres pueden ayudar a sus hijos durante el coronavirus.

Apoyando a sus Hijos Durante el Covid Info


Professor: Sandra Kent

Maintaining the balance of family life, including distance learning and homework, can become stressful for you and your kids. This video demonstrates multiple strategies for giving your children, and yourself, a break from long hours, frustrating moments and the routine of the day.

Brainbreaks Info

Reading for All

Professor Sylvia Hurst, Ph.D presenting the know-want-learn chart

Many caregivers want to help their students (fourth grade and higher) with reading assignments but may not know how. This video module will provide suggestions for helping older children when they face reading challenges.

Reading for All Ages Info

Take a Break!

Professor Tierney Harvey, Ph.D.

This video will give caregivers reassurance and a variety of tools that may help them keep a positive learning space while teaching children at home.

Take a Break Info