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Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Education and Research

The College of Mathematics and Science Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Education and Research (CIBER) exists to provide an environment for faculty to expand their research and work in a collaborative environment to solve complex social and biomedical issues that are crucial to human welfare. CIBER is dedicated to interdisciplinary biomedical health science education and research.

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CIBER will promote and develop:

  • Socially and ethically responsible scientists capable of contributing to solutions for health problems that confront modern society;
  • Interaction and collaboration among faculty members and among faculty and students;
  • Problem-solving skills in the context of hypothesis-driven research;
  • Technical and analytical research skills;
  • The enhancement of biomedical and health science educational programs;
  • Collaboration with local and state biomedical and health science industries and research   institutions to create educational and employment opportunities for students; and
  • Community involvement and outreach services.


Students will:

  • Gain broad exposure to biomedical and health science research;
  • Interact with faculty and students across different disciplines;
  • Learn techniques that address biomedical and health science research questions;
  • Experience the synergy of an interdisciplinary approach to understanding biological systems;
  • Develop an appreciation for interrelationships among the disciplines;
  • Participate in enrichment activities such as journal clubs and seminar series;
  • Learn how to present experimental results verbally and in writing; and
  • Enhance their competitiveness for graduate programs, professional programs, and positions in the biotechnology and health science industry.

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