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The director of Graduate Studies of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Brittany Bannish, Ph.D., serves as the initial advisor. The candidate and adviser will select courses according to the following guidelines. A formal plan of study is then written and signed, subject to the approval of the director of Graduate Studies.

Core Requirements (15 hours)

Course Work (9 hours)

  • Advanced Calculus for Applications 1
  • Operations Research I
  • Computer Applications in Statistics

Research (Six hours)

  • Introduction to Research
  • Graduate Project or
  • Graduate Thesis or
  • Additional Mathematics or Statistics course

Option Requirements (Nine hours) and Electives (12 hours)


  • Advanced Calculus for Applications II
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Numerical Analysis II
  • Electives are selected from Mathematics and Statistics Courses.

Computer Science

  • Applied Database Management
  • Operating Systems
  • Theory of Computing
  • Electives must include 6 hours of Mathematics or Statistics and 6 hours of Computer Science.


  • Applied Experimental Design
  • Applied Regression Analysis
  • Mathematical Statistics II
  • Non-Parametric Statistics
  • Electives are selected from Mathematics and Statistics.

Mathematics Teaching

  • The Real Number System
  • Foundations of Mathematics
  • Theory of Functions or Mathematical Modeling
  • Electives are selected from Mathematics and Statistics.

Comprehensive Examinations

Each candidate is required to take a written examination of four hours over his/her graduate course work covering four courses. If the examining committee should find the candidate's performance on the comprehensive examination unsatisfactory, the candidate may petition the director of Graduate Studies to be re-examined. Requests for re-examination will not be granted more than one time.