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The capstone design program is a culminating experience required by senior undergraduate students for all engineering majors: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and engineering physics. The program involves two consecutive courses ENGR 4882 Senior Design I and ENGR 4892 Senior Design II. Throughout this capstone experience the students work in teams of three-four students on a project of their choosing. Projects are typically sponsored by faculty and industry partners.

Student teams develop leadership and project management skills in this two course sequence in which  teams state a problem and use the engineering design process to meet objectives and produce deliverables that meet stated project requirements.

The capstone design course provides students the opportunity to work with real-world, open-ended, interdisciplinary challenges proposed by industrial and research project sponsors. They learn and apply the engineering design process: defining functional requirements, conceptualization, analysis, selection, physical prototyping, and testing of their designs. At the end of the second design course, students demonstrate an engineered and tested system/product.

SD I Spring 2023SD I Spring 2023