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School of Engineering

Experience Engineering at UCO

The University of Central Oklahoma School of Engineering is home to four accredited engineering programs including biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, engineering physics and mechanical engineering.

The UCO School of Engineering’s bachelor’s programs are accredited by ABET, which confirms the programs have met the standards essential to prepare students to enter critical engineering occupations in the global workforce – meeting the critical workforce demand in Oklahoma.

Student research and engineering design at the undergraduate and graduate levels remain an important element for the School of Engineering at UCO, which is evident in the newly renovated makerspace located on Central's campus.

Engineering Degrees at UCO

At UCO, we offer five Bachelor of Science degrees in engineering and two Bachelor of Science Education degrees, as well as a master’s program in engineering physics that gives students the choice between four majors—biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and physics

The faculty and staff of the UCO School of Engineering are committed to helping our student reach their career goals by providing dynamic courses, well-equipped accessible laboratories, strong student-centered research and practical experience.

Students graduating from the UCO School of Engineering are equipped to enter a vast array of industries and will develop a solid educational foundation to lead the way in innovation and emerging technologies.

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