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UCO Department of Engineering and Physics

Howell Hall Room 221
Phone: 405-974-5016
Fax: 405-974-3812 

Charles Hughes, Ph.D., Chair and Professor

Aladdin Abuabed, Ph.D., Professor

Abdellah Ait Moussa, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Assal Alaee, M.S., Lecturer, and Introductory Physics Lab Coordinator

Adnan Al Ibadi, Ph.D., Lecturer

Nesreen Alsbou, Ph.D., Associate Professor, and Electrical Engineering Coordinator

Elham Azadfar, Ph.D., Lecturer

Mohamed Bingabr, Ph.D., Professor and Industrial Liaison Coordinator

Maria Bostwick, M.S., Lecturer

James Chancellor, M.S., Adjunct Faculty

Colin Doyle, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty

Barry Foister, M.S., Adjunct Faculty

Paul Hardwick, M.S., Adjunct Faculty

Tierney Harvey, Ph.D., Lecturer, and 1st Year Engineering Coordinator

Mohammad Hossan, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Yuhao Jiang, Ph.D., Professor

Sezin Kadioglu, Ph.D., Instructor

Morshed Khandaker, Ph.D., Professor, and Mechanical Engineering Coordinator

Evan Lemley. Ph.D., Professor, Assistant Dean, and CREIC Director

Scott Mattison, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, and Biomedical Engineering Coordinator

Ronald Miller, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor

Gina Nee Dels, Administrative Assistant II

Kevin Rada, M.S., Engineering Laboratory Manager

Jane Runkle, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty

Fereshteh Safavinia, M.S., Adjunct Faculty

Shams Shahadat, ABD-Ph.D., Lab Associate

Scott St. John, M.S., Lecturer

Benjamin Tayo, Ph.D., Engineering Physics Coordinator

Jess Ussrey, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty

Kimberly Webb, MEd, Administrative  Assistant 

Weldon Wilson, Ph.D., Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator

Gang Xu, D.Sc., Associate Professor, Assistant Chair, and ABET Coordinator