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The Department of Chemistry offers three degree options: Chemistry, Chemistry—ACS Certificate and Chemistry—Health Sciences.

The Chemistry Department is committed to helping each student achieve his/her personal academic goals by creating an environment that promotes independent thought and high ethical standards. The department chemistry studentprovides opportunities for undergraduate students to obtain a thorough fundamental knowledge of all fields of chemistry. There are lecture and laboratory courses in general chemistry, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry and biochemistry plus more specialized courses including nuclear chemistry, advanced organic chemistry and advanced instrumental chemistry. Independent and original work is stressed in the individual research projects and through directed research course. There is a student resource room in the department that makes it convenient for students to learn from one another. Computers in this room have software essential to a number of our courses.

There is also an active Chemistry Club. For club information, please contact the Chemistry office or the sponsors, Cheryl Frech, Ph.D. or Dana Rundle, Ph.D..