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chemistry faculty and staff

UCO Department of Chemistry

Luis Montes, Ph.D., Chair and Professor

Dallas New, Ph.D., Assistant Chair, Professor

Lucinda Brothers-Full, Ph.D., Adjunct Instructor

Lilian Chooback, Ph.D., Professor

Eric Eitrheim, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Shawna Ellis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 

Mike Ferguson, Ph.D., Professor

Cheryl Frech, Ph.D., Professor 

Sanjeewa Gamagedara, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Justin Garrett, M.S., Lecturer

Donald Gibson, M.S., Lecturer

May Griffin, Adjunct Instructor

Ryan Hays, Manager Chemistry Labs 

Hasani Jayasinghe, Ph.D., Adjunct Instructor

Michael Jezercak, Ph.D., Professor

Thomas Jourdan, Ph.D., Professor

Jason Larabee, Ph.D., Adjunct Instructor

Jianguo Liu, Ph.D., Lecturer

Issa Nour-Mohammadi, Adjunct Instructor

Amy Padgett, McCue, Adjunct Instructor

Dana Rundle, Ph.D., Professor

Stephanie Skiles, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 

Carla Supon, Administrative Assistant II 

David Von Minden, Ph.D., Professor

Amanda Waters, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 

Lane Whitesell, M.S., Laboratory Associate