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BIO 4840biomedical research

The purpose of the Biology Capstone is to provide students an opportunity to apply, integrate, and demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their undergraduate biology education. The capstone course is a zero credit-hour course in which students may enroll after completing 60 credit hours of course work.  This course is designed to be taken in conjunction with a capstone experience through which the student will be able to demonstrate the core competencies of the general education program of the university. Capstone experiences may include designated course options or special projects in biology. Approval of the capstone coordinator,  Hari Kotturi, Ph.D., is required before starting a capstone experience. Regardless of the capstone activity that is chosen, students will be required to submit a reflective writing piece about their capstone experience to the capstone coordinator, which will be evaluated using the AAC&U Written Communication and Critical Thinking Value Rubrics.  

Requirements to get credit for BIO 4840 Capstone

  • Have a capstone contract on file with capstone coordinator, Hari Kotturi, Ph.D.
  • Successfully complete one of the biology courses that may be used as a capstone experience  OR
  • Successfully complete other capstone experiences (Professional School test & application, Community Service Project, Student Assistant, SI, TA, etc.) AND
  • Submit and pass the Reflective Writing requirement at the end of the semester enrolled.

 Enrollment Steps

  • Meet prerequisite requirement of having completed 60 hours of course work.
  • Complete capstone contract with faculty member overseeing special project and capstone coordinator. Contract must be approved by capstone coordinator prior to being allowed to enroll in BIO 4840. Contact the health professions advisor, Carrie Bentley, Ph.D., if using the professional school application experience
  • Enroll in one of the biology courses if using that option as a capstone experience. 
  • Enroll in BIO 4840.

Prerequisites to enroll in BIO 4840

To enroll in a capstone experience, students must complete a minimum of 60 credit hours. This zero credit-hour course is designed to be taken in conjunction with a capstone experience. Capstone experiences may include the following courses or special projects in biology, and are approved by the capstone coordinator. Approval of the capstone coordinator is required before starting any capstone experience. A reflective writing piece, which must receive a passing score, will be required for all capstones.

Capstone forms 

Please complete the form that corresponds to the capstone experience that you are doing:

Reflective writing information